Android Users.... Help Needed

…and to @admin as well if you can help!!

I have been using this Wiko Getaway for over a year now without any hullabaloos until it was affected by adware, refer to my previous thread.

I had to factory reset it coz that was the only solution after numerous suggestions from you guys. But I had to factory reset it twice; first reset it failed to register fully on Google Play thus failing to install some Apps.

I guessed the problem was with my Safcom Line and I decided to do away with it for a moment. I factory reseted it the second time, then inserted my Orange Line as the first SIM (ama ukipenda line one). …and by doing this, I managed to reinstall most of the Apps without any problem.

The main problem now is, I can’t reinstall Opera Mini Mini, it keeps on showing Error Code 24. I managed to install Opera Beta coz I believe it’s good for data saving but not as much as Opera Mini mini.

Here is the main challenge, Whenever I am browsing K-Talk with Opera Beta, it unexpectedly shuts down, especially when I press the previous button (<–).

What could be the problem?

Hebu inbox me your number…kuna fundi najua atakusaidia sana:rolleyes:

Hata mimi naeza geuka kuwa fisilet. :p:p

wacheni kuchezea bibi yangu. nitawekelea mtu panga ya matako

We enda ununue simu

My dear you were hacked. Factory reset wouldn’t work. Safcom line has a better encryption than orange that’s why you your orange line works better. Try downloading kaspersky and scan your phone

Disconnect printer cable.
Use UC Browser.

a) instead of using a phone and incurring expenses, you can be physically looking for people or get a trumpet to contact people.
b) Why browse when all the housewives in your estate know everything about everyone and everything? You can be getting GBs of info from these women and, trust me, they know better than google.

[li]Nunua simu ya maana[/li][li]Stop using peasant browsers[/li][/ol]

Unafukuzwa ktalk.

Which mod did you insult?

Nb: Deny mod slices= Insult Mod (from experience)


ktalk kuna simu inakataa. S7 and above my deer.

hayo ndio masaibu ya mediatek phones they are easily attacked by malware…get the official stock rom and install it afresh hiyo ikikataa patia mtoto chezee

Leftovers za app zilibaki. Use a root explorer to delete them from the /data folder ama sideload the apk.
To sideload, download the apk from their sha and md5 match those of playstore so they are trustworthy in my opinion. Once download iko complete install the apk

Make sure play store and Google play services are up to date…Playstore/Settings/Build No.
If they are updated clear data,clear cache

ION @snapdragon, njoo hapa.

what is your opinion on that infinix thingamin called Zero 3?

nunua infinix ama tecno kama other peasants

Nunua SGH a3

mtu akiuliza swali kama hauna jibu nyamaza! si kureply na ujinga wenye umejaza kwa kichwa yako