android updates

i have HTC 816G . apparently its a mid range phablet but there havent been any updates since i bought the phone. it runs on android 4.4.2. i prefer official roms to custom roms. i read on the internet android 5 is available but cant get a download. if u have the rom and works fine help a bro, or any advice on a custom is appreciated. ##i dont have money to buy another fon thats why i need the os updated

i dont think that device was updated at all.

do u have the custom rom then?

the 816 non G version got marshmallow hiyo sioni coz it runs on mediatek

last i installed cm12 had a bunch of bugs i swiched it back to stock rom and sold it fast

hahaha MIUI all the wayy

i guess i shud sell this, i hate an OS with bugs