Android Phone System

for those who use Android phones:-

  1. is it better on expensive phones? (above Ksh20,000)
  2. does yours keep on hanging?
  3. does the internal memory frequently run out of space?

was using a Windows phone till earlier this year when i switched to Android, and am very disappointed. i have been forced to format the phone three times this year due to the internal storage mysteriously lacking space.
don’t know what the big fuss is all about with Andriod, but am disappointed big time.

the windows phone was perfect.

anybody encounter the same and how did you fix it? or should i just buy a more expensive phone or switch to IOS System?

Sa kama umenunua neon ya 8gb itakosa kujaa aje? Na the reason why your windows phone haikuwa inajaa is because most if not all dev dropped support for windows phones so apps were not getting new features hence not growing in size and also limited apps.
Android is a different story… Apps zimejaa kila mahali and if you continue to discover awesome ones you find that can’t live without them, also Apps get updates mara mingi like akina WhatsApp na FB get updates atleast every week na the more you get to know and install other apps your storage lessens.
So kama unanunua simu buy simu ya 64GB+ and 4GB+ ram na uache kusumbua sisi hapa

I have a Xiaomi Redmi series 6GB + 128 GB… No issue to date

sawa mkubwa.
but the phone is a Nokia-4gb Ram and 64gb Rom.
hizo time zote ndio ijae ilkua na 10gb free alafu ikajaa suddenly.
if you delete apps and pictures, space inakua free but after sometime inajaa yote tena.
maybe it’s the updates of the Apps.

so the more expensive the better?
and do you have many apps installed? and do you update them regularly?

Kama ni 64gb ulipeleka wapi the other 50+gb ndio ikuwe 10gb free?
Kwanza nokia hukuja with very little bloatware. So ikiwa mpya ilikuwa probably 60gb free.

excatly, kitu 4gb cjui ilienda wapi.
nlkua nime install apps, games, videos, music, pictures.
next time naona notification at free up space. nikatoa games na apps za 10gb then ikajaa after some few minutes. ilibidi nimeformat (3 -times sasa)
sahi hii iko na 30gb free but inashinda iki hung and am sure next week itakua imejaa tena

Huwezi jaza hiyo kitu hivyo. Unless umedownload mamovie na series na huzitoi after kuwatch. na unless uko na mangoma plus mapics kama 5k hizo haziwezi jaza simu. Apps pia huwa hazikuli space sana utapata like only 2 zimepita 1gb. Heavy Games nazo huchukua like 3gb.
So kaa chini uchambue vizuri ujue space unqpeleka wapi.

something is creating log files kwa background.
kitambo ma 2012 nilikuwa natumia Bluetooth tethering kwa simu na laptop.
ilikuwa inaunda log files kubwa kubwa simu inajaa daily.
chunguza ujue ni nini

nime check log files (nili google) but haikua hio.
ni ka google hii shida nika pata ni watu wengi wakonayo but hakukua na solution.

Images folder ndio inajaa (na hakuna backup ama uploading to cloud ama google drive. trash bin iko empty pia)
didn’t find a solution anywhere. (or the solutions i found didn’t change anything for me and others)

This is why am married to Huawei, akuna mambo ya hanging… They use Hi Silicon Kirin chipset and am
very surprised vile watu hapa husifu Snap nyap dragon chipset phones kumbe they have issue of hanging like mediachieth??

specs za rom na ram ni?

Windows was the best system ever. Hata mimi I had to look for an alternative this year after wafunge app store na WhatsApp and Telegram stopped working… I went to Xiaomi and sijaona ikiwa na shida. 6GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. no hanging ama anything like that.

yeah. windows was good. (people use to make fun of me for having a Windows phone and saying how better the Android phones are)
so it might be the 4gb Ram that is not enough juu hata Agwambo amesema yake ni 6gb Ram na hana shida am ni shida ya Nokia?

4GB is enough for normal daily tasks. Surfing YouTube…labda your phone is infected… Back up your data to a flash disk using OTG. Then factory reset. And see kama itakua sawa. Nokia are not known for problems. In any case from new to 50gb I suspect the phone was working properly ama?

i have factory reset three times now am waiting for it to fill up and repeat the process.
after resetting its good but after a couple of days/weeks, the problems start.
maybe it’s a Nokia thing since they are new to the Android market and might want to sell expensive phones to the budget phones.

it was ok when i bought it (from Jumia) and the 14gb (to make 64gb) might be for the system ama?

What is the Nokia model?

Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6)

There are problems with the Android 10 update. Did you update to Android 10?

actually never fully used Android 9.
i have had about the problems but when i googled my problem (with the image folder taking the extra space), people with older versions had the same issue. (case reported before Android 10 was released)