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Talkers help me understand this ‘other’s in my phone memory.[ATTACH=full]93686[/ATTACH]

documents(pdf, Office files)
Zip files

wewe @Deorro, there was a recent post where you anikad specs of a certain phone. Rusha link.

munene simu tumeanika mingi, ebu tell me a keyword ama phone name nisake

Thanks. How do I release the memory?

Memory wachana haufai kuguza, apps stay in memory so that you can launch them faster. clearing apps from memory leads to usage of more battery. android automatically removes unused apps from memory when new apps are in use. in short kwa computing memory refers to RAM

hii yako ni Storage
install Es File Explorer, go its options then select SD card analyst, let it analyse your storage. When done with the analysis it will be easier to select and delete what you don’t need.

pia u can install sd card maid which will help delete obsolete system files no longer in use.
priss priss don’t clear app caches or app data

a talker posted a thread. something to with a new release bla bla sijui talkers were like battery sijui camera sijui …

the last phone I think nilichambua was Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime… lemme check kwa tech section

Ilikuwa thread ya snapdragon leo

Na hii no shida kweli section hii kwasababu, headlines hazina topics.