Android gurus kujeni hapa

I have an android phone who’s screen has broken and cannot access anything. I want to remotely control it via any app third party or otherwise. Air droid worked fine till today ikaamua kuleta nyefnyef. The phone hardware is ok apart from a black screen.
Receives messages and calls as usual.

How do i go about it.

XDA developers wanadai ADB can work but nothing is forthcoming.

Saidia mimi what to do. Nitareplace screen baadae.

I only work with stuff like
(Button)findviewbyid(>{log.d(“blah blah”, "blah blah);

Ghasia…buy a new phone…peasant.


If you can use airdroid, you can also use unified remote. Get the pro apk, thank me later.

I’m happy to be one. Don’t mind.

Will look into it. Thanks.

you smoke too much man. If you got an app i can use in the mean time , please upload it.

Tafuta “Android Control.exe” online, its about 4MB, adb debugg mode must me enabled on phone, unless their is a newer version.