Android Go Explained

Google wants u to stop using jerry-built Chinese bullcrap phones. Sijataja [SIZE=2]infinix na tegno.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Android Go will consist of low end phones with not more than 1GB of Ram and will be priced at $100 and below… so far only Nokia1, Alcatel 1X and ZTE Tempo are launched more to come.

Hiyo itasaidia peasants Tech-Savvy sana, na watu wa kuacha Smart phone kwa baesa, unabeba 3310 in android Go na hausumbui lakini uko na kila mdhii hapa kwa hapa

So a 1GB android will run like a 1GB ram iphone like iphone 5??? Hio im waiting to see running big games which run smoothly on 1gb ram on iphone but ukieka kwa 2GB ram ya android inaanza kukohoa… Anyway im a big android fan but kwa memory optimization iphone iko juu… I have never heard an iphone with more than 3gb ram but android kuna hadi 8GB ram u wonder what for??

eeh iphone ndio baba not only kwa ram hadi battery… batter iko 1500mah -2500 i think and the way inakaa na charger msee huwes amini… kwanzo upate iphone 7 hehe

These are not for gamers just an android with latest os and latest security updates. Even the google go apps are optimized and lack some features hence small in size

Lies. iphone batteries are shit. I currently use iphone7 a new one, Galaxy S7 edge and a Nexus 5x. at the end of the day only the Galaxy and Nexus still have power. Iphone huzimika ikifika 6 unless idungwe kwa powerbank

weka battery save on uone

Nikieka battery save kwa zote android will still outperform it. Enzi za iPhone kuwa na better battery usage than android iliisha na android Lollipop. Siku hizi android has better battery optimisation at the software level than ios