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Is there another way to get rid of these persistent android ads? niko na ad away and it successfully blocks everything apart from two apps. I have no problem with flashlight since I have a firewall installed.
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Tuna watch FACup draw …usitusumbue

waaaaa FA Cup draw
Chelsea v Man City
Man utd v Shrews
Arsenal v Hull
Tottenham v Crystal palace

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sasa naweza kusaidia @Peter@ enda google play and download Adblock browser

This o

This only blocks ads while using the said browser…what about when I’m using other apps?

kuna app umeinstall that must be pushing those adds

use no root firewall to block apps from accessing net especially games and lauchers ndio hukua na ads

I use AFWall+ firewall with a rooted phone but the only app that iko na ads ni hii livescore which needs to access the net as it is a football app. I have no games and use the stock launcher.

Kwanza unatumia android version gani juu if ni lollipop + then sijui mbona unainstall a flashlight app. Chuja hiyo torch if you arw in lollipop + if not its okay

Lakini wewe pia umewekewa culprit which ni torch na hiyo app ya livescores. Best option use a different flashlight app halafu uninstall goal app then use one football way better. Pia nashuku hiyo si official goal app from playstore. Ni kama zile za kutolewa blackmart ama aptoide. Zile mtu decompiled the addes his own codes.

3rd option though geeky… This is if you really value those apps na hutaki kutoa. How about using hiyo firewall app, block all apps from accessing the net exept hizo mbili. Then using them for a while. While doing so capture the DNS logs. When done add hizo urls kwa Dns log kwa hosts file. U can use adawy to do so. Enda hapo options, - - - Log DNS records - - TCDUMP is not running (tap on it to make it run. Ngoja 10 mins then tap on open Log file… Select all n blacklist lakini use blacklist ya goal website. Might bw something along… Blah blah… Hope this helps

This might actually be the best option…acha nifanye hii. Asante!

Kitu inaniambia hukuelewa

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Get url ya hizo ads by blocking all other apps except hizo mbili kwa firewall, hizo utazipata kwa log ya firewall I think, then add those urls to the host file ya ad away. Ama? o_O

Hosts file si ya adaway but ya os. Iko kwa os zote hata kwa your windows pc kwa c://windows/winSxs in a folder humo


Opsie ya windows 10

Winsxs is a totally different folder that serves a different purpose.

Thanks for the correction. Searched in haste. Apparently there two hosts files. One in system 32 n the other in WinSxs… The system 32 one is the one that works in blocking

si utumie sofa soccer ama all goals hizo zinangolewa ads na adway