Android Adblocker

Any recommendations of a working solution ?
My phone iko saidi mbaya kabsaaaa
Ktalk saidia

Root simu and then instal adaway

Adblocker browser

Hizo ads that pop up on the full screen? That’s why Android is crap.

Natumia brave browser[ATTACH=full]261420[/ATTACH]


Wachana na izo zote , try Blockada : . No need to root your droid!

Hata mimi nimechoka

Wacha kujisumbua, enda github download Netguard. Works without rooting and blocks ads even app embedded ones. Moreover you can configure which app gets access to net connection and save some badwith.
And donwload github version not app store version, the later doesn’t block all embedded ads.

Danke gut

This is exactly why I prefer to do everything in chrome. I have previously activated adblock for chrome and I have no problem.
In the past, I had a lot of nerves because of the spontaneous ads that appeared related to casinos or porn or other sites and I didn’t know how to escape. I was lucky that a co-worker helped me with this problem and now I can already relax to access the internet without any problems.
Maybe it would be better if you tried this way too?