Andrew Tate

What do you think about Andrew Tate and red-pilled men like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and the late Kevin Samuels. Is the world becoming more feminine. The US is actively encouraging men to become cry babies and beta males. I wonder whether the same will happen to African countries like Kenya. Will there be a time in Kenya when it is wrong to be a man?

which colour is your bugatti sir?

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We think they have dung for brains as well as their followers, next

Kevin Samuels was the only genuinely red pilled one of those gurus IMO. He could be harsh at times but there was never any malice in him. Tate, Peterson and Shapiro are black pilled, they always try too hard to be edgy and controversial and it just ends up validating the stereotypes about men who subscribe to these views. Again, this is just my opinion.

Ben Shapiro sio red-pilled, he’s just an annoying little manlet

You people miss the point. Tate pushes the limits for a reason - to get more eyeballs. He is in the business of monetizing attention. He has to make outrageous comments to trend. He pushes every button to trigger as many people as possible. Whether you like him or hate him, if you watch any of his content, he benefits. His goal is to sell courses not to pass any meaningful information. Most of what he says is obvious general knowledge that people know but don’t like talking about. All he needs is a camera and he will start running his mouth.

Correct. Tate is manipulating the system

I respect JB Peterson more than the other three. Peterson reasons and uses logic to put forward his arguments. He’s more practical and not abusive. I have watched his lectures and read his 12 Rules of Life. He makes really solid points.
Ben Shapiro apart from being cocky and far-right apologist, makes some good points. The west is suffering because they have elevated women above men. Divorce, child support, sexual harassment laws and the criminal justice systems in the west favour women over men. Men are now being told that they should cry and open up to their wives. Workplaces are now required to be more feminine and caring.

Sad the american men are so feminized that they need someone to symbolize masculinity

Hao watu nimekuja kuwaskia huku juzi and I don’t want to get to know them.

Trying to throw the CSI off your stench eeh? How can you call Tate’s takes general knowledge, un-meaningful information when you swear by his words. You are redy to defend to death. Every single post you made on this website under the Azor Ahai handle ks all regurgitated from Tate. So why are you contradicting yourself? Then again, I may not be a fan of the man but his takes are ultra meaningful.

JB Peterson shouldnt even be out under the same category as the others. The guy argues based on facts and facts alone. No buts ifs or maybes. He is more of a psychologist than a redpiller or such

Kevin Samuels was cut above the rest.
He had very solid advice especially how a man should dress, groom, acquire high-value skills, start a business, network, invest and avoid low value women.

Jordan Peterson uses a lot of vocab to sound intelligent. I tried to listen to his 12 rules for life audiobook and I couldn’t get past the 2nd chapter due to his annoying high-pitched voice. Maybe I will try reading it.

Ben Shapiro talks fast to sound intelligent, but he doesn’t have a lot of meaningful content except criticizing 24/7.

Andrew Tate is a snake-oil salesman. I can’t listen to him for more than 1 minute without feeling like my IQ digits are dropping.

Boom. Exactly. He is a cunning businessman who tells the masses what they want to hear…for a HUGE payday. His business at Hustler’s University is ingenious. It is a multilevel marketing scheme minting money for him hand over fist. In every podcast he attends, he makes a point of plugging his business like every cunning businessman would. I was very impressed by his business model. He has an army of affiliates posting his content everywhere.

If he was smart, he wouldn’t have been deplatformed. You can say all kinds of controversial things online, but when you get too much attention, you will get nuked.

That is Andrew Tate’s downfall. He doesn’t know what he should refrain from saying, and what he should say to gain attention.
It’s like those trap rappers who commit serious crimes and go snitch on themselves by writing a song about it.

Now he has a bull’s eye on his back, and he could be indicted. Ndio maana jamaa anajificha Romania.

I can bet the feds are waiting for him to go back to drugs and human trafficking so they can nail him – especially now that his online business has been nuked.

Reminds me of these fools.

This sounds like it was written by some angry feminist on r/xchromosomes.
You are speaking as if leftist cancel culture doesn’t exist

Men following men like they don’t have brains. Kondoo ni kondoo

But it’s facts. You can’t go on saying stupid things when you’re famous like Andrew Tate and expect nobody will come for you.

He’s the one that said he moved to Romania to avoid because “the police is less likely to investigate sexual and domestic violence in Romania”.

Or posting a video saying that men should beat up women if they’re accused of cheating.

And so many other stupid shiit that get people riled up. He doesn’t know when to shut up!

Leftist cancel culture does exist, but it would be stupid to say stupid shit like that when you’re famous and put a target on your back.

Why haven’t Rollo Tomassi, Kevin Samuels, Jordan Peterson, Shapiro have never been deplatformed? They don’t say stupid shit like Andrew Tate to get deplatformed.