Andrew kife and Pastor Ben aka muthee kiengei: same WhatsApp grouo

People with a very traumatic childhood.
I think kibe was molested by his parents while muthee kiengei was molèsted by his neighbour.
They are now transferring their insecurities to you Tūgegees!
Wake up!!
I see these old wazae lamenting on YT and I just wonder whether any of them are circumcised ama wote ni Ihīī.

Nocturnal ramblings of a fat,idle imbecile. Hawa ni nani ?

You know naona your fisrt post?
Nakumurika na ndurumeni…

Kibe was molested by an estate watchman. He once talked about it in his interview with King Kalala, but he deleted it.

But he spews some nuggets of wisdom, only exclusive for men.

You were circumcised but it seems they left a small piece of meat inakusumbua sana. Enda ukatwe hiyo clit.

Tetea your @boishaod .naona umefurahi sana vile sas hii anahoji njoro comedian.

Waturedio how many times do I have to tell you ukifika Adult you have a choice to make ,either you give up seek sympathy look for that crap childhood sijui trauma . OR Buda you can pick up your shit buckle up and fight like aman whom you are. Nikuulize that boy huko mathare slums that has gone through only what God knows , since Hana audience where to lament or who does he give excuses tu. He wakes up ,put his shit together tells himself it shall be well and he faces life .
These you tube babies are cashing on your sympathy.

Have you noticed that njoro the comedian is being hosted by a gay guy?
KIFE is a closeted homeseksual…

Kibe says nothing in clips he puts on youtube. Repeats the same phrase for 3 or 5 minutes and that is all. Something like, ‘‘kabanyee should do DNA’’

He is overrated

Kibe told us the moment there is a camera recording jua Kuna target audience. Watu Wana nukisha kitunguu, treat what you hear with a tonne of salt.
Am sure akipewa pesa kibe can say any thing.

Since you were busy watching Njoro being interviewed by a ‘gay’ guy, doesn’t that make you geeey?

But sometimes huwa na points, especially Kwa wanaume kuwa simps na kukaliwa. Last week a friend was confiding in me that bibi yake is so insecure, lazima Bibi ajue his whereabouts in real-time, the wife mother pia hupigia boy wangu akichelewa kufika home. I told my friend, Leo huendi mahali, bought him liquor till morning. Our agreement ilikuwa akifika home asijibu maswali ya Bibi, ghafla bin vu, nigga ilienda kusema tulikuwa na yeye, the wife called me to confirm, felt sorry for my boy. Nowadays he doesn’t call me nikama Bibi alikataza yeye mambo yangu. How the hell can a bitch command a man? Bibi alitupata na friendship. Now the situation is getting out of hand, Mama ya kijana told me that his son doesn’t pick her calls. Wanaume wanakipitia.

For me, Kibe is doing good. If you go through social media now, nearly everything said or posted revolves around women/girl child. Kibe came with the new energy/tact, more of a man talk, ndio maana his following is rising so fast.

Have been his follower since he began this online thing in the ‘Yues’… Can tell you for sure huyu ninja has a huge influence/hearing amongst men. He is one guy on social media akisema tufanye Harambe ya 1 million ksh, he can easily hit that mark in little time, na utapata mwanaume anatuma as much as 20k for support!

Of course, most of us men, we ain’t mindless followers. It is just good to have a following of something that re energizes you, and keep your momentum going…

I was once very happy to bump into a former primary school classmate in a club. That’s after 17yrs of no contact. Akazima simu, tukapiga sherehe till dawn though alikuwa na wasiwasi coz he settled down with a crazy biatch. The drama that unfolded inside that club at 8am the following day after she got wind of her hubby’s whereabouts made village headlines!

Wajua in this age of only- fans, you don’t have to project anything of significance. There’s mamas on only-fans who only show their dress and heavy makeup, hawaonyeshi ata matiti, and are clearing more than a million dollars a year.

This is a fool. After sometime that lady will crave for a man.

Unakaa uko na a boring character

Niongeze bei ifike 250?
Ikonomy ni mbaya mdau.