Andrew Kibe

This guy is a testament that you should never give up on your dreams… Imagine he is blowing up career and mullah wise when he is past 40 years!

Yes. As long as you set yourself up right. Some people will get chance encounters with success- Being at the right place at the right time. You have until 50 years.

At 50 a real man should be at home taking care of his family si kuimba gengetone na watoto kutoka kayole

My mom and the whole cabal want me to be happy in jesus. Was an alter boy when they were into religion. Inakuanga stale mate

In this world, people try to set rules, and many other people end up believing. Who said one cannot start college at 45? Who said one cannot start a very successful business at 20? People are different, to each their own…

But the again, Andrew has had his family already. So then, there is that.


At 50 unafaa kuwa village ukifukuzana na kuku na kondoo baada ya retirement

Hata paka mzee hukunywa maziwa daddy

Success comes to different people at different times.

Uncle Moody was an a career assistant minister under Moi. When Mudavadi left LDP he became the luhya face and later chairman of Narc Summit. Then minister home affairs and later VP.

Muturi Kigano tried for over 40 years to get to Binge akafaulu in his 70s.

So work hard and avoid clichés that may lead you into get rich quick scams

How is he blowing up his career ? Ama ulisomea kwa dirisha

That’s the silliest thing ever said in this Kijiji, you need to get out of your small time village mindset where you’re born, you breed, you die.
There’s so much to achieve and all you have to do is keep on trying.
Ray Kroc was almost sixty when he struck on the idea of franchising a small time hamburger joint in some dusty backwater Californian town which today’s McDonald’s!
Tafakari hayo!

The only accurate definition of a “real man” is that you have functioning male genitalia. The rest are just implied society labels.

Kibe alikua kwa politics kitambo. Kwao ni matajiri,

Kenyans you guys need to stop killing people before their time. Sasa 40 years ni uzee?

I have seen many job applications specifying age requirements, saying applicant “should be less than 35 years!!” Really?? Nowadays you will find 60 year olds who look and feel like the 40 year olds of the 1990s. People are living longer and healthier lives. Scientists say the baby who will live to 200 years has already been born, so what’s 40 years in the grand scheme of 200 years? We can anticipate that people will have careers spanning 50-60 years not 25 or 30 years.

We have also entered an age where how we think of retirement will change drastically. The ‘end of retirement’ perhaps, not because of money but the social connections and mental stimulation that work offers, especially for jobs that are not as physically demanding.

40 years is just the right time for Kibe to be on an upward career trajectory. Even 60+ is okay. This idea that when you hit 55 you should go live on a farm and do a lot of nothing is outdated.

Raila at 80 ataambia watu nini akisoma hii

That’s 100 years of misery. Living longer isn’t always better.

that definition only implies you are a ‘real male’ , not a real man …big difference

What is the difference?