Andrew Kibe vs Oliver Makende-safisha macho edition

Mi sioni hullabaloo hapa…
Kibe ameshika mbavu na si matiti.
Upuss ya wakenya


I thought kibe was allergic to women


Kibe ni Mnusa tako kama @rainbowreigns

Huyu Oliver makende lazima suicide iko kwa mind

Kesho wajinga wote wataskiza kissfm kujua kama kibe atakubali.good marketing for radio Africa

Kibe ame kula slices zake

Ata kama ni mbavu ama diaphragm, bibi yangu ukishika hivo unakula ma right left.

Wewe na chimpanzee ama @Kihii Kiaganu hakuna tofauti. Bibi yako akishikwa hivyo, shida ni bibi yako sio ndume. Anza hapo

Niaje juaji brownie mcooshRandom

Hujanunuliwa guarana na chips?


Ngoja uskie @Yunomi the prolific commentor of threads and local pastor na zile hubiri zake:

"I would have preffered the good old days when people kept matters to themselves quietly. I myself I have a wife and son and his name is James but I rarely talk about them except maybe here once in a while. My facebook page is also very empty except for photos of my wedding day which people liked very much. They really liked and appreciated those photos. I wish people would adopt such a lifestyle like mine instead of talking everywhere. Everyone knows I am very… "


How about this issue you keep dodging?


Address it so that it stops being relevant

I already addressed it to the subject concerned not unless you are trying to say that you are @Mzee mzima ?

Are you @Mzee mzima ?

And why don’t you post my reply in that convo if you have the guts.

@Yunomi weka thread kamili. Si ndio hii hapa :

If you weren’t a troll you would know people here don’t click on links.

Anyways anybody who wants to get the highlights this screenshot says it all


Weka yote malaya.



Nah people only need to know the part that matters. That other part is kelele ya a major troll

Ati people need to know…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Which people need to know!!!

The only people who need to know are your wife and kid about how you will take them to Mombasa in December you lazy bastard.

Get your priorities right young man.