Andrew Kibe unveils his new rate card billed in USD

Hii rate card ni ya corporates na hakuna corporate itampea kazi because he has been bashing post walls like @TrumanCapote.

So a person like @hakimoto would rather spend 2k pale kwa Official Kinuthia ama Nairobi Gossip Club rather than pay billions kwa Kibe.

Hii dunia ukisema ukweli unamaliswa…
Unaitwa anti Semitic sindio

The only people who can afford are buroti maguta maguta

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Fake news.

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Anyone who pays this guy is an idiot! He doesn’t have any appeal to the moneyed folk. His base is the guy living in a bed sitter pale Dandora. Those people have no money to spend so why should I pay Kibe $3k+.


demand and supply, the market is stratified, it’s a matter of finding which group of consumers are into your product and services.

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Unfortunately he can’t sell his mkia to a desperate gay