Andrew Kibe starts a Yafreeka video sharing site

Huyu mjamaa tumuambie ukweli ama tuangalie venye atafanya? Starting a video sharing site is not easy. You need to host your own servers and have the fastest internet connection around. So far nimeingia kwa hio site inafreeze mbaya. Traffic inakaa iko juu. If he succeeds on this then its going to be a game changer since many content creator can enjoy the ride by hosting their videos for free. Youtube nowadays is no longer reliable especially for those controversial content creators. What are your thoughts on this development?


Good idea but bonobos as usual hatuweki excellence n consistency. If its already hanging on launch its a sign of whats to come. Plus I doubt Kibe is passionate about it. Kitu ingine ikijipa and keeps him busy he will shift his focus and let that platform die a natural death.

That site is clearly a rushed job. You can just tell from that janky logo that it’s a basic script lightly edited by some amateur coders. YouTube has put in an ENORMOUS amount of work behind the scenes on infrastructure, programming, traffic-building and sales to make life easy for their creators. To match any income from YouTube is a tall order. If I was Kibe I would copy the Edgar Obare model and now switch to subscriptions. Edgar was at around the same number of followers when he switched to a subscription model pale Telegram. He managed to convert 450k free IG followers into 15k paying subs each forking out 1,000 per year. Turned into an easy 15m per year with no restrictions on the content


Akisha sort hii issue atakuwa amepenya.The infrastructure right now iko chonjo unlike when YouTube started.
Akitoboa hapo he will become a billionaire.

1st YouTube video(18yrs ago)


This is a step in the right direction.mambo na freezing ni teething problems which can be sorted as time goes.Youtube has perfected monetization but sensorship ya content na ma ads kila saa inafanya youtube i bore tu sana.Huyo talker amesema Kibe needs to focus on the project full time amesema ukweli.Kibe works at wallmart and goes online akitoka job.Akiendelea ku treat project as a second job hatafika mbali nayo.

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Hii site pia watu wakifika 100 online huwa inahang.

Am a fan of Kibe but hii kitu asipocheza itakufa kama Viusasa how they marketed it na sidhani ilishika. Never watched anything on viusasa. But i wish bwana Chairman good luck. Ikishika sana anaweza pewa offer ya kununuliwa

Did you see Youtube when it started. Lookup a documentary on how Youtube was created. It was a simple website. With time they started improving to what you see today. It takes time. Doesn’t happen overnight

Youtube had money to throw at the problems they ran into. Including govt support. Yaafreka is going to hit a fork on the road eventually…time to come up with more money or fold.


This is how the biggest brands in the world were created, you start with nothing but a vision. Kibe is a visionary and he will make sure the brand comes through despite early challenges, he might get wealthy incognito investors ready to invest in his vision and the website might blow up one day as long as he offers something unique and manages to convince people to sign up. Tiktok had an even worse beginning and is facing bans from almost every country in the world but it’s currently the most profitable and influential social media app on the planet (combined revenues of social media apps do not even come close to TikTok’s revenue) and is growing like fire since it was launched just 5 years ago.

I also want to commend him so far coz launching a site like that in just a few weeks is no joke, he knows exactly what it will take to make the app successful, and he has a team of loyal developers, artists, content creators, and fans alike, there is no way he not gonna make it unless someone takes him out physically. They took him off YouTube coz they were jealous of his success but the same resilience and consistency he has to pick himself up and come out stronger after every fail is what makes Kibe stand out from all content creators, there is no way you can stop him.
Let’s check back after just 1 year to where Yafreeka will be, then you be the judge.


One of the most frustrating things about dealing with an alcoholic is they never have follow through. However, they have some of the best ideas in the world. A good example is konyagi. All his ideas could have turned us into a first woeld country. But unfortunately he had no follow through and they were all half cocked

Tried to log to Yaafreka website ni kama iko hacked. Redirected to another site

Si angeenda tuu ramble

Watu wakona WIFI na bundles za maana hawawezi sub to a service inaleta soap operas and other trash entertainment while kuna vitu kama Netflix.Hapa ndio citizen imefail.


Nimejaribu ku log in nikakuwa directed to some website.

Site is now working fine now. But hii kitu kuwa measured if successful or not is 3 years. Venye tunamonitor Thread pale Playstore.

Kids that were born as this was being filmed are now freshmen in college

If we can have passionate developers who are out to make something really work and not for the soft life, we can really go far as a country.