And this is why i love Ethiopia

The international community is pleading for immediate de-escalation, dialogue and humanitarian access as Ethiopian forces have fought their way through Tigray to Mekele. [SIZE=7]But Abiy, last year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, however, [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]has rejected international “interference.” His government has said three high-level African Union envoys for the conflict can meet with Abiy[/SIZE], but not with the Tigray leaders.

Amekataa European union and America conduits kuingilia but akesema if it’s African people atakaa nao chini…

So let’s say Kenya had that problem… our ghasier leaders will plead with international countries to be involved. When we had political crisis 2007 international bodies were called then they picked kofi Annan to mediate.

Ethiopia is a country ruled by principles and not brainwashed leaders. Who cant love this?

muteso rudisha ujinga kwa nyumba ya wazeee

Ahsante… let’s talk above.

Abiy Ahmed is a man who resolves what to do and does what he resolves.
msimamo wake ni dhabiti. just like our incoming president Dr. William Ruto yule mwizi wa sugoi

Mzee Abrahamu,have you seen the videos of dead innocent civilians lying on the roadside?

Do u have the source?

Who started the shit… when it rains it pours…


I’m talking about innocent civilians you Dibango Stan!

The starters of war should have thought about their innocents… but seem it was the least of their worries …

You are one hell of a sadist!

hao international community outside of Africa wataanza story za Gerd,thats why amekataa.

Hapa kwetu i have noticed wazungu are coming in large numbers,what is attracting them?blso black people are avoiding kenya unless its necessary,what could it be?

You mean to tell me Egypt is not involved?

It’s the truth brother. Dont throw stones if you know you live in a glass house.
They started by throwing bombs to Eritrea. What did they expect ? Wapigiwe makofi waambiwe congratulation? Ukichokora matako utapata mafi…

It’s a thing is beauty kuona imperialists wakiambiwa wakae mbali. And this is only possible because China is offering an alternative development partnership.
This attitude of Abiy towards interference should be adopted by other African leaders. Why allow your enemy to intervene?

starters of war dont have innocents they only have themselves and their own interests …innocents are on their own and killing innocent civilians is kirimino

Collateral damage is the name .

that name is just euphemism for genocide and murder … killers use the word to try to get away with murder or to absolve guilt/responsibility for their killings

They are involved somehow but as we talk now the fight will be over tomorrow. Egypt hoped the fight will go on forever to delay the dam filling …but it’s too late … kesho TPLF watasalimisha amri

The Abiy guy clearly gave them 72 hrs to surrender to a legit government…wakakataa and said they will fight to death . How would you handle this … saa zingine war is the only way