And the Drama begins.


He he. Hakuna kuchelewa

amdunge 2 milli iyo story iishe…

Jamaa apeleke pesa Swiss account alafu aende Rwanda acheze chini for 2 yrs that’s what I would do

umechizi wewe?? Ati 2 M? You do not know these creatures called women.

Dem anaeza dai upkeep ya ata 300 k mpaka huyo mtoi afike 18. But hii tweet naishuku si ukweli.

Know your rights guys. The man would only be compelled to provide upkeep for the quality of life she is used to live. So, kama yeye ni chapo madondo na mtoi ni public school, 20k a month should be enough.

He he hee
Na labda a few weeks ago hata hakuwa anataka huyo jamaa aone mtoi wake

It can’t happen that fast but every chic that guy has ever dicked will attempt to get something from him.

This looks about as real as a hooker’s orgasm.

aweke doo fixed account na aigie mitini…its dat simple


hii ni propaganda. so she just walked to the court this morning and filed a suit? meaning she had gathered sufficient paternity proof…like DNA?? and then notified this tweet monger, and only him, asap?? seems like someone is just creating material for gutter press and lazyass bloggers


my two cents thinking on how the guy (Abisai) should spend the money
[li]10% tithe kama yeye hutoa (roughly 22Millions)[/li][li]21 Millions weka aside.That should be the amount for relatives ,charities,education trusts and bla bla bla.[/li][li]120Million on investments -Build like 2 flats in an upmarket place (each flat fetching like Kes 1.5M a month)[/li][li] 20Millions enda Ocha nunua Shamba kubwa na aisahau huko[/li][li]20 Million -Buy plot build his own house [/li][li]Remaining 18 Millions .Gawa kiasi weka kwa fixed account,a ka holiday,ingine anza kabiashara and buy oneself a C200 and life goes on[/li][/ul]

Create thread tufikirie na kudiscuss ii maneno under influence ya Muguka leo jioni

Yaani inaniuma ata kuimagine. 22 mirrions apee tu mchungaji wa kondoo? Hivyo tu? Ai hafana

Hata mimi nimekataa, ati atoe 22million apatie Margaret Wanjiru!


Huh? Do you mean 2 flats or 2 apartment complexes?

If you mean complexes with at the least 8 units each, you’re woefully low in your budgeting. 120 million might not even get you the up-market plots on which such complexes are built.

The winner should avoid amateur financial consultants like the pest. You have given so many differing options simultaneously that it would be a recipe for losing all his money at once. Mara he’s building, buying land, sponsoring people just because he has the money, tithing amounts that ‘Bishop’ Wanjiru would murder 6 cops for. Ngai!

if you don’t give out easy money, bad shyt will happen in your house

But lets agree on one thing,He should tithe how much he gives is upto him.For apartments I meant something like 2-3 bedroom houses in a place like Roysambu,Kasarani,Kitengela am not sure on how they are priced per unit but to come up with a flat 45-60M is enough.Build 2 bedroom units ,5 storey each floor to hold 8 units where each should go for 20-25K lets take the mean of that which is (22500*8)*5 =Kes 900000 each flat a month at least.Land too is a worthy investment and a big chunk of land.This is a guy who should not sweat anymore in his life