And the confusion continues

The current primary teacher education programme (P1) is set to be dropped and replaced with a diploma course starting in the new year in radical measures to fast track the implementation of the new curriculum.

Vc unasumbua …mbona mumeamua shule ifunguliwe 3rd and not 7th!

Something’s you just can’t understand.
I bet my left ball Amina hafikishi Feb

Good question. !!
Fuckin idiots

Unapiga hesabu haipigiki

Hujachoka na watoto, kama sio wako wa neighborhood?

It’s about time shule zifunguliwe


How was xmas, mate ?

I had seen ‘hafikishi threshold’!

Sio hivo imagine umetravel na watoto on 2nd halafu 3rd wako shule no sufficient time to shop,cover books,polish shoes and all that shit!

Taimajini!!! Hii ni hujumaa!

Amina is assuming wazazi walikuwa washafanya hayo yote during the very long holiday

Enzi zetu huyu jamaa angetupatia mpaka 12th!

Alshababe hatambui Christmas

This is why I pay fees in November.
Shida yangu ni Viatu sasa. Two months at home , eating 24-7 makes the little ones grow so fast.

Alafu the whole of the first week hakuna Kitu ya maana tunafanya shule.

Great, for once nobody was concerned about anything other than being happy.


Just imagine: na walimu ndio hao reading themselves for a another striking cycle in their calender

I agree, alikuwa na fimbo ya nyayo and it worked