And the award for the top beta male goes to:Man drinks petrol, sets himself ablaze after girlfriend visits ex in Mombasa

A 37-year-old man from Namba village in Suna West, Migori County committed suicide on Tuesday after his girlfriend took a trip to Mombasa to see her ex.

The individual, identified as Joel Okoth is said to have ingested and soaked himself in petrol before setting himself ablaze at his girlfriend’s house.
Helpless neighbour’s watched from afar as attempts to save him bore no fruits as the door was locked from inside.
Joel’s brother, Fred explained that the deceased and his girlfriend quarreled before she traveled.

The woman in question had reportedly separated from her ex-husband a while back and was in a relationship with Joel. She, however, re-ignited her love with the ex-husband before she traveled to the coastal city.
According to Fred, Joel was married to two other women and for that reason found it hard to understand why he resorted to suicide when he fell out with his girlfriend.

The deceased’s body was taken to Migori Level 4 Hospital morgue.

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Men don’t kill !

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If you kill yourself then no sympathy for you.

picture au sketch ya drinking petrol au the horrific blaze au ni mharo news


Yeah, Migori county people don’t commit soocide

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good for pointing that, hadn’t realized He was from migori but story looks fictitious.

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@Akothee njoo uone huku Kenya hawatambui hii maneno watu hawana sympathy.

Sympathy sitafuti…preparations are at an advanced stage
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