And Take That Oath...

And it’s how it happens…

"Look. You got elected by the very ones we are meant to control. We have let you have your seat. Stop lying to yourself that this seat gives you any power. They elect you to become our voice. Pretend. Pretend you are still working for them. Go out there every once in a while and meet them. Answer their questions using the word ‘we’. Tell them we are still working on…, we are still making progress… Refer to them as your people. Help a few to keep up the hope. We need real players to keep playing this game. You are either good at playing or you are out. Keep the HATE going. They need to think they are in a competition. That your people are supposed to be better than the other people. Never let them forget that. They will stay weakly divided and on the plus side its something to use for your campaigns.
We will pay you and your colleagues well and give you some money to use to control them. That’s how powerful you will get and nothing else. Give it to your family, friends, the orphans - you decide, but don’t you ever use it to make us look bad.
Never think they love you. Your activism ends now. Have your seat and tomorrow take that oath. You can go now… And hey, say hi to the family, we welcome you all. "


" There’s a war going on outside and (no one is same from x2) " - Mobb Deep.

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