And quietly, this story...

The fight against corruption is still being lost. The process has taken sijui how many years.

But in Jersey, the company was taken to court, tried, judged, sentenced and assets seized all within 16 days.


They’re not going anywhere. The court of appeal had sentenced them to freedom.

Same with the chicken gate scandal.
While their British counterparts are serving jail sentences, the Kenyans are still free walking in and out of the courts and with time, their case will end like this one.
Justice on sale.

You’ve nailed it!

Hail the independent Judiciary that should not be intimidated and whose cases should not be prosecuted on the internet!

Is it the prosecution side presenting weak cases? Bigwigs never lose anyway. Be it hate speech, corruption etc

yes, perhaps because the judiciary cannot be compromised…neither can it allow single cases to drag in its courts for ten years then complain of backlog…

very corrupt judiciary . and why cant jersey prosecute them in absentia sentence them and issue arrest warrants to interpol and other bounty hunters then capture this guyz Ocalan style waamke wajipate huko wakijiongelesha ?

Hakuna kitu kama corrupt judiciary when the prosecution presents week cases due to shoddy investigation by the relevant bodies

Tuseme tu ukweli. It’s easier to compromise with the prosecution side than the jury. It is not a coincidence that the state loses all corruption and hate speech cases. Kwani all the judges handling these cases are corrupt anyway?


It’s a targeted situation. I remember Ringera (much as he was absolutely useless) complain that investigations given to him are crap.

One time, he decided to do the investigations himself. He went with some members of the Pac to the UK to interview John Githongo. Uhuru was with him.

Somewhere on the way back, the files/tapes got corrupted. How it ended is nothing to consider.

Githongo/ london was the wanjigi/saitoti/magara saga?

Yes. The Kiraitu/Murungaru/Mwiraria one.

:D:D:D:D:Dwhat’s the truth now that a story has two sides and the truth; the third side of the coin?

I don’t think its fair to compare 2 jurisdictions and systems, that said you will rarely hear top guys being prosecuted even in the west, they have connections and money the same thing that happens locally.

This hollywood idea that the west is incorruptible, I think at times goes too far, justice always favors the rich. Even in the west there are always allegations of corruption or wrong doing by the top guys in those societies and yet they are free.

And sadly we still cheer them on and reward the fuckers with plum jobs in parastatals. Unlike south Korea where a former president and her henchmen are languishing in prison.

I agree we have a lot to do but even in south korea the samsung head was the other day released after his sentence was suspended, in every society the rich and powerful will always find their way out, its not a special case for kenya, of course we need to improve but we can not beat ourselves so hard, even the guys we are trying to measure upto have their faults.

It is a special case in Kenya. Apart from the chic for National Aids Control Council, and The KTB guy who is the son of Achieng Oneko, who else has slept in prison for corruption?

When you say the West, where do you mean exactly? Do you remember Blajegovich, Chicago governor who tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat? Trying to peddle influence got him jailed. Something we would consider a “very small matter” here.

While social issues mostly favour the rich, there are some places you wouldn’t risk doing what we do here.

There was this Story of a Kiuk woman who stole… Eerr sorry who was suspected to have Stolen tens of millions sometimes back and now she is Sharing her success stories from her humble beginnings.

Just wait.
She has sued RAT for defamation.