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Acha nilale
Some leaders in Jubilee are pleading with me to abandon the reform train. That I should calm down; let them get on the gravy train. They don’t know what steel I am made of. This is my New Year message to them: let me assure you I cannot jump off this electoral justice reform train into an empty cattle carriage.

The looting is brazen. A helicopter is allegedly bought for Sh2.7 billion, put in the air without insurance and immediately crashed to avoid audit queries. Do you call this a government or a group of pirates?

Ours isn’t a police service anymore but a political militia extorting, maiming and killing in a warzone in the name of defending the Jubilee regime. Jubilee has undermined police independence for political expediency and ethnic profiling. When Kenneth Matiba returned from London in 1992, Mwai Kibaki in 2002 and both Uhuru and Ruto from Hague in 2014, no police roadblocks, teargas or bullets were erected in their way. But it took six hours of murdering 19 people to get Raila from the airport to his home. Is this the Kenya we all can live in?

Electoral reform is not for Raila or Mudavadi. It is for posterity. It is for all Kenyans. Every vote must count. Elections must stop being a ritual of theft. Elections must stop being a conspiracy of one, two or three tribes to steal from others. Every Kenyan must have an opportunity to vote and to win or lose fairly. Kenya is not a monarchy.

Hon. Musalia Mudavadi,
NASA Principal,
Amani National Congress Party Leader.
25th December 2017


This is why we can’t evolve any further.

Sasa itakuwa mtu anakuomba charger ya wallet?

hapo kwa WiFi.

Hii wallet ni excess

Kuna this amazon suggestion that popped when I was shopping for a wallet, ati anti nfc theft nini nini. Dug kidogo on Google and found there are some gadgets that can steal your cards deets which can be cloned. Hio yako nikama ile probox iko na spade hapo nyuma, side step, bull bar ladder.

[ATTACH=full]147254[/ATTACH] mseh, kwani ushawai ona hii american muscle ya mine


Bila ladder hio bado :D:D

Lakini wasapere wataambiwa nini kweli…?


Kuna wengine wanaweka kitu inakaa chimney hapo mbele karibu na side mirror.


The future is now. Pia Kuna smart mattresses inakupiga massage ukidoz unalia kama @Female Perspective:D

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