And it Begins

Bollore Transport & Logistics Kenya is laying off an unspecified number of workers due to what it terms as unforeseen market challenges and threats that have dwindled its fortunes in recent months.
The firm, which has lately lost out on several lucrative deals, says industry policy changes including implementation of the standard gauge railway (SGR) have affected cargo handling processes leading to reduced business.
The company, a subsidiary of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, owned by billionaire Vincent Bollore who was recently charged in France for possible use of bribes in Guinea and Togo to obtain port contracts, made the revelation in an August 20 memo to its employees.
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Human resources managers and heads of business units have also communicated with all affected staff, according to the internal memo by Bollore Kenya managing director Jean-Pascal Naud.
“We shall consequently embark on restructuring the company into a leaner, more focused and customer-centric organisation by combining teams, reducing layers and stopping non-core or non-profitable activities,” explained Mr Naud.
“Regrettably, through this process, some of our colleagues will exit the company. My thoughts are with our colleagues that will be leaving us.”
The firm also lost a lucrative UN contract to its competitor Hashi Energy, further dealing a blow to its revenues in the region.
Sources at the company told the Business Daily that the firm has lost more than 200 trucks after owners withdrew them due to about three months of non-payment. This has made it difficult for the Embakasi-based firm to deliver on its contracts.
The management has therefore turned to cost cutting measures to save the company from going under.
“These changes and reduced project activity in the country as well as in the Eastern Africa region, have affected the level of profitability of our company significantly and resulted in our lowest financial performance experienced in the recent past,” said Mr Naud.


mbili ndogo zawekwa chini zinafungwa na 40ft.

Awache excuses…business that are facilitated by corruption do not survive shocks

afadhari huyu ametokelezea, other logistic kambunis mnafika asubuhi mnaambiwa hakuna job. a visit to most yards revealed all the jobs that have been lost. Hundreds of trucks ziko parking

meanwhile Maai mahiu kuko hivi

Bollore is slowly shipping out of kenya. If that is your employer enda uliza kazi Roche, your job wikl be secure till 2022 hapo pengine tutajua

as kenyans lose jobs, SGR will pay chinese to do manual labour.

Shell terminal and all other terminals za mafuta Mombasa kutoka huu mwezi watakuwa wanaload from western Kenya .


Hii barabara si walipe mchina aongeze another carriageway hapo.

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yep, plans at an advanced stage, si umeona hio barabara ikiwekwa rami
was there juzi though the contractor is buushit

more soil than rocks