And I Took That F Post Personal

That Random Rant by some lister about MGTOW not being worth it because he cannot go raw with hookups, then goes ahead to say he got an STD from a not so hookupy-looking school teacher.

That there is the point I have always stated. All the STDs I have had came from these so called ‘normal girls’, what does that tell you? Add to the fact that, of all the women I have f@ck3d, only hookers and hookups insisted on condoms.

Diagnosis: The OP of that thread suffers from lack of abundance. It has been hard for him to get a girl to fuck raw after his college oneitis left him and that mentality makes him go forth and bash MGTOWs and hookers. To him raw-dogging ranks above his mental peace, bank account and most of all, SELF-RESPECT.

The greatest advantage with hookups is: it takes that beat-up ‘girlfriend/wife’ pussy of the pedestal real-quick.

Using a condom is just like any other positive change you apply to your life i.e. at first it is hard but as time goes by you begin to notice the positives and learn to appreciate it as part of self-discipline. It is a test of self-control in this world of lowly set bars and moral codes.


Seconded. Relationships are full of drama, high expenditure and problems. Planteshen disciples have been trying to condemn lanye samplers while praising raw sex. To me raw sex is a very scary thing, there is unwanted pregnancies and also STIs. Condomised sex is the best sex. Just ensure you hold the tip of the condom while putting it on to prevent air from accumulating at the tip, that way condom bursting is greatly minimised.

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Siwaelewi how do you expect safe sex from people who inspect ceilings for small things like airtime

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