And here I was thinking only men's minds are polluted...straight from Quora

What are a few naughty things everyone thinks about at least once a day?
Jessica Anthes, A Recovering Misanthrope with Frequent Relapses & Anxiety
Answered Sep 4

I can only speak for myself but:
[li]How every hand in every handshake is almost guaranteed to have, at some point, been used to jerk off a man’s dick, same for girls.[/li][li]That person that looks so prim and proper over there has likely had sex at some point. What kind of face do they make, I wonder?[/li][li]What sort of porn is this person into?[/li][li]Is this person so ornery because they haven’t gotten off in a while?[/li][li]I wonder if anyone’s had sex here.[/li][li]I bet we could have sex here.[/li][li]Better check for cameras, vantage points, and the best blind spots first.[/li][li]Today’s been such a shite day, meeting new people, shaking so many hands while being so prim and proper. Welp, this ornery mood won’t lift itself, time to open up the incognito tabs and get some relief. Maybe tomorrow, hubby will wanna go to that one park that always seems vacant.[/li][/ol]


Trying to understand a fala who’s dim at the same time kwahitaji moyo, sijui kama una huo moyo?

kawaida ya @MwiziBora ni kuhara kwa post zote
get a life

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