..........And he had to be brought in SMH

I would want to join and agree with Hon. William Kabogo Gitau in terming Moses Kuria’s remarks as outright childish, base, reckless and characteristic of a perennial war monger who hopes that society shall one collapse into anarchy and leave him as the king of the dead and the dying.
While he was at Thika on the night of the New Year’s celebrations,Kuria attacked with insults, the President for his ‘ujinga’ and ‘ùrimù’ amidst shock from the revellers.

Kuria is not only drunk with power, but he is drunk with liquor,which does not allow him judgement to sieve his words, and more importantly to the people who should not be involved.

Being an MP of a Constituency from where Two Presidents were born and bred, gives him no mandate, authority or power to assume he can speak as he wish to the other People, or to the sitting President.
President Uhuru Kenyatta did not initiate the neanderthals that they invited him for. He is not in charge of County of Kiambu.

To claim that he has not launched Maendeleo in Central, is to be blind. It is to be vain and vexatious.

If Kuria is used to lies of launching air by his TangaTanga mentor, he should not assume the President is to be so thought.

As we say, when you see a toad running from the garden into the homestead, it must be running away from a greater fire than it hope to encounter.
We know why and for who Kuria speaks, and it’s none other than his sponsor, William Samoei Ruto

Son of the Soil.

I love the direction Kenya politics is taking, dramah everyday

Ata mtoto akianguka akijaribu kutembea ruto must be brought on board

I’m no expert on politics. I also do like the talk either. But I think Kuria wants to inherit the Kikuyu block. The handshake cut his strategy of abusing Raila as a strategy shot. He has no enemy right now. He has to create one, be it Uhuru or otherwise.

I agree with Moses Kuria totally. Uhuru is not only stupid but useless. All he does is gain weight and grow his tummy. Bloating must be causing him to spend a lot of time in the toilet and that is why he is unfocused and rudderless.

:smiley: Ruto started campaigns early , unataka tuongee juu ya nani?? Peter Kenneth

Most central kenya Mps were not happy with the handshake bcoz most of them got elected after insulting Raila. The more one insulted Raila, the more chances they got to be elected. Ukweli usemwe Moses Kuria alitumia hii method to his advantage.

Ruto started a marathon by sprinting ata fikiwa to pole pole huko mbele

and then his dogs, rift valley mps and some central brokers have become his foot soldiers silencing anyone who attempts to speak against the “hustler”

Wacheni hustler ajitafutie

I support MK. Uhuru’s presidency has only been detrimental to the development of Sendro.

Kuria is right. I am not from cendro but it is evident that they have been shortchanged in development projects. The impoverished kisumu and siaya coundies have had more National Government development than the president’s backyard. You are wrong to say that Kunia is Uliam’s mouthpiece. Kuria sees himself as a relolutionary and a rebel with a cause. He represents himselfu.

Kwani Sendro ni Canaan?

It’s more than Caanan. It’s heaven!

Wacha kusingizia pombe. He has been talking shit about people’s president mbona hamkulalamika? Moses kuria was not drunk. He talked the truth. Look at William Kabogos latest interview on JKL. He said the president is naked. He said the president is moving to the wrong direction. Mbona hamkuongea Io siku?

peasants were cheated to vote against the people’s president, si mlipigia Uhuru kwa hiari yenu? Mezeni wembe. Watu wapambane na Hali zao. I nearly cried when I saw peasants from karatina fed and clothed and transported to come entertain their master during jamhuri day celebrations, wakati imefika kila mtu apambane na Hali yake

Wacha kucopy paste maneno pia …what has Uhuru done in central Kenya …anza na murang’a county

I came to realize one of Uhuru’s poor Character. He grovels before enemies, and struggles for acceptance so that he can be loved by those who hate him. But he treats those who love him like dirt. Compared with Uhuru, I would say that Ruto has been far more respectful to Both the Agikuyu and the Kalenjin than Uhuru has been to the Gikuyu. Uhuru treats the Agikuyu the way the Democratic party treats black people - with complacency