Ancient Kambas were Proud People

A tribe well known for long-distance trading in ivory, food, other items including slaves that were fetched from as far as Kavirondo and Kikuyuland. I detest the slavery part but it was the way of life back then. Enter the British and the Kamba systems collapsed. The insults the Kamba men had for colonialists and their sympathizers are amusing. Excellent read.

I hear there are south americans speaking kikamba. they were exported there.

I have always wondered why is most of our history written by the White Man. I was also reading a study of the Embu people, and it was written by a mzungu.

For a people who made contact with Arabs hundreds of years back, they have nothing to show for it. The fact that the author calls them “Soldiers of the Queen” should tell you just how eager they were to collaborate. Even today they’re known for being loyal servants of the muhindi and snitching on their fellow Africans. So the Kamba interacted with Arabs for decades if not centuries before the mzungu arrived. Then they got massively recruited into the colonial police and army. Machakos nearly became Kenya’s capital. Looking at the average Kamba today, you wouldn’t tell the community had such a massive headstart.

The Kambodias are born traitors and snitches. Chameleons who will laugh with you but backbite you at the same time.

Happens in jobs especially kwa mhindi. Wamejaa industrial area kazi ni reporting each other kwa mhindi

Africans relish denigrating each other on tribal lines.

You nigg3rs never invented a written language. What did you expect?

Kambas are a fine people.

@gashwin tunakuoana tu,keep changing the handle but mnuko ni ule ule

Interesting article. So the akamba and kalenjin happily and quickly signed up to serve the colonialist and fight their fellow africans, while the maasai refused kabisa and kikuyu were considered kabila adui for fighting the mzungu? We now know who the traitors are.

I am amazed when people treat Maasais like they are thick people. They are the only people in Kenya who made treaties with mzungu allowing them to wander with their cattle from northern TZ into Kajiado, Naivasha up to Laikipia. Vast lands. Other people were confined to their natives. Kambas were comfortable living in the arid land which is strategically located allowing them to trade with arabs and guys upcountry. When mzungu came, he stopped that kind of movement and controlled trade for purposes of taxation. @kyuktothecore i hope that you realize that the way of living changed even for andu a nyumba when the white highlands were taken. That is why you still got poor Kyuks hustling to sell you stuff on the streets to this day. This i believe is coz when mzungu left land did not revert to previous owners, but to the African ruling class.

:D:D:D Wtf? Kikuyus were more of collaborators than even the Kamba! That is why they are landless! WTF?

Maasais are considered collaborators. But they are one of the five warrior tribes in Kenya.

Maybe they have no history scholars to research and write their history. The Kikuyu story has been told by many scholars including gathecas dad.

So the more docile a tribe was, the more it was considered to be useful to recruit to colonial forces?

Quote from the article:
Kirk-Greene has correctly argued that the martial reputations of subject peoples were built primarily on their willingness to follow orders and accept military discipline rather than on their valor or fighting ability.


[li]ready to accept control or instruction; submissive.[/li][/ol]

Unfortunately our people passed down our traditions through stories…and the white man could not capture it accurately.

The kambas originated from Mt kilimanjaro area, actually they are closely related to the hadza hunter and gatherers and mijikenda. They moved through taveta, voi and settled in kibwezi all the way to mbooni and iveti Hills.

The meru came from Manda Island in Lamu, they were chased by the first Arabs in around 1100 AD and followed tana river up to maua area where they settled.

Kikuyu are a mixture of Maasai, ogiek, Athi, somali, kipsigis, kamba, Meru. They were a cosmopolitan group who forged a common identity. Waiyaki wa hinga was actually originally a maasai from laikipia.

If you are a kikuyu I dare you to do a dna ancestry test. I tested 17% maasai 11% somali and 3% M.E. Yet we lived near the aberdares. I’ve seen other results that mirror mine. I had questions all along

Tippu Tip and other black Arab slave traders avoided maasai, nandi, Kikuyu, embu, Meru land like plague coz they didn’t tolerate slavery. He formed alliances with the crafty kambas and mostly traded in nyamwezi and Congo lands. Actually it was he who guided Stanley to the Congo and ruled it for a while.

Interesting quote from the article:

" In East Africa, for ex- ample, the KAR only appealed to those ethnic groups whose economies were in the process of being restructured by colonial rule. In comparison, the im- mediate neighbors of the Kamba-the Maasai and the Kikuyu-never be- came martial races because they had more lucrative alternatives to military service. The Maasai retained enough land to preserve their precolonial pas- toral economy, while the Kikuyu had better educational opportunities and a more viable base for commercial agriculture. These factors also explain the shifting martial reputation of the Kamba. In the early days of British rule, the KAR had little appeal because the Kamba’s precolonial economic institutions remained largely intact. It was only as a result of the political and economic limitations of the colonial system in Kenya that the Kamba came to see military service as sufficiently lucrative and appealing."

Considered by many officers to be the “best [soldierly] material in Africa,” the Kamba supplied the KAR with askaris (soldiers) at a rate that was three to four times their percentage of the overall Kenyan population - Kamba tribe (Wikipedia).

Kamba people were considered the “best soldier material” in Africa because they were loyal to mzungu, and they couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

Ata saa hizi, muhindi anapenda Mkamba juu ya hizo reasons.