Anaza Guka Trump thread.

Pale MKZ haupumui. One post after anaza.
Saa hii amesema waziwazi.
Hang’atuki ng’ooooooo!

We wont accept clear fraud by mail in votes wacha Federal Supreme court ione evidence na iamue

If it refuses to take up the case mtalilia wapi?

Because the only place wanalilia fraud ni shosho media. Nothing resembling proof has been presented in courts, which leaves even Trump appointed judges wondering.
Over 50 cases and counting.

Kuma ya ndege, who are ‘we’ tuliza mkundu kimilili. And let American people decide.

Most despised president. Lost the popular vote in 16. Approval ratings never hit 50% in 4 years, even with conservative pollsters.
And yet the sILEnT mAjoRItY was with him.

“They only way I can lose is if they steal if from me.” What an entitled matapaka, and his stupid followers.

Let the lawyers mint…and may the gullible followers cough more and more.

BTW the Texas court is not even arguing fraud.
It just want the votes tossed out because election rules were changed in the 4 states. (Texas itself also changed some rules).

That’s the height of anti-democracy.

If they had an issue with election rules in other states, the right time to go to the supreme court was before the elections. These laws have been known for months since Covid broke out.

Omwami umekua murica damu tangu uchague shule. Ulienda baizewei?

Trump is still our president kama kibaki - hizi zingine hatutambui!!!

Ati Nini gassia? Shugulika na siasa za kayole na kulamba Babu Owino matako. Kwanza umelisha your six little bastards wakashiba vizuri? Filthy Bonobo!:D:D:D

Military or militia way, or better get out of the union, you can have your gay utopias in dem states.

So you should be the only one having an opinion, anyway…
opinions are like farts, everyone else’s stinks, they are hard to hold in and when you let one go, at least one person will leave the room.
Nyani haoni kundu lake.

V uncalled for! did you feel any better after unleashing this volley of abuse on someone who was just expressing their political view? v uncouth.

I don’t remember quoting you NVchieth! Usilete kiherehere kwa kijiji na hujui Nini inaendelea,unaskia?

Let this remain between me and Lichoti,utaumwa na kichwa ya bure:D:D

Nimekimia kii kama maji ya mtungi.:smiley:

Never understood how the most powerful country was split up and divided by Putin without a bullet fired.
That guy will retire a happy man, having found his useful idiot in Trump.

I think the main argument is that the changes in the 4 battleground states was done illegally i.e. it was not done through the state legislatures as constitutionally required.

It’s a very simple constitutional argument which the SCOTUS could easily concur with the plaintiff states.

Wacha tuone.

What an idiot. Dem states are net donor to the federal government. They are the big cities that produce the most gdp activity.

Red states like Kentucky and the rural hillbilly states are there to perpetually get federal donations.
Blue states would stand on their own very well.

In law, ever heard of something called laches?
You cannot delay in bringing a court case, until such a point that it is convenient to you.

None of these ‘unconstitutional’ laws are recent.
The case should have been brought months ago.

Also, as Alabama governor has said, if the same argument is applied, Alabama should have its case tossed out. It also changed rules in a similar way.
But they only bring cases in states that Trump lost.

Either way, I’ll be surprised if the Supreme Court agrees to hear this case, owing to the fact that Texas has no standing.
If they open up suing states for how they conduct their affairs, nothing stops California from suing Texas for its lax gun rules, carbon emissions, abortions, etc.

An argument can be made that what happens in one state affects all states, therefore no state rights.