Anaunda mansion ingine

He wanted to be like Kenyatta and Moi. Amefika ama bado?

Let him run the economy down hio mbwa , we will run down those mansions . He will know no peace . After we all become poor animal instincts will kick in and not even the tired kdf tanks and underpaid service men will stop the pandemonium which will arise once we go Zimbabwe way .
This motherfucker should tame his stupid tribe men not to loot down the economy. He should also tame his looting appetite after all he will die and leave us fucking everyone related to him . Do good enda zako .
Even the stupid Kenyatta empire once we become animals will be ran down like nonsense.
Haiti politicians walianza corruption and lottery kimchezo for years today I know those who destroyed that country regret wakikufia na baridi at strange country. Coomerniner


Pure unadulterated evil

Hapo Khayhega market before Kakamega I once saw a mentally challenged person. Alikuwa amejifunga so many clothes yet it was damn hot. Ile midday sun. A friend tht we were with akaseme tht the guy could have stolen someone’s clothes so ndio zinamfuata. He just want more n more of them hata ikiwa na joto ajabu. The same case could apply to our…

What’s wrong building a retirement home? Meffi nyinyi

Budaa ulimi itapita blisters…umelamba vinembe sasa umeamua kumalizia na anus ya JSKS…mbwa sana


Wewe unaishi na mamako , unaamka mapema kukunia kabla mamako na mbambako kuamka kukunia, have you build a retirement home ? No . Why ? Because you have nowhere to loot like stupid sakayo


Hapo ndiye Singapore anatuletea.

I agree with you. When humans are cornered, their primal instincts kick in and chaos erupts. We have seen it time and again. Typical kneegro leaders can’t see any further than their ass. They loot everything, even the saliva of their countrymen leaving their mouths dry.

We are too divided for this dream. If it’s not tribe it will be a generational divide, ama religious divide ,ama class divide. I have said it before kenyans would rather move out of the country than attempt to fix it. Reason unapata in Qatar airport mzima imejaa young able bodied kenyans.



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Malizeni hio kipiii iende ikalambe anus za mamake

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