Anatomy and Physiology courses

Please advice
I’m looking for a uni or college where I can take this course. Not for degree purposes but the course only. I’m applying for a masters deg abroad na wanataka kuona credits za A & P, Part I & II.
Any ideas which school offers this course? Asanteni

There is no such thing. You will have to register in a university or college for some degree course in which those units are offered. Or some medical course that gives you certification. This still means the place you will go has to be accredited and recognized. There are no shortcuts here, you have to go through masomo to do that Anatomy and Physiology. There is no place that will teach it as a stand-alone course and give you credits for it.

Unless you doing it online.

That’s what I was trying to determine. If I can do it as a stand alone course… Asante but I hope this is not the case.
You mean hakuna ujanja ingine naeza tumia? I only need one course

Wanainsist lazima mtu afanye lab pia.

city mortuary

Nairobi Aviation College

Which course do you want to go and do abroad? Is it at masters level? If it is masters degree there are universities that will admit you (depending on some courses, others are not) then you have to do some extra units to meet their criteria.

Lipia Med ama nursing semester moja pekee… Get the results slip halafu upotee

Hapa unakanganya mtu… Results are normally produced after every academic year, so it means you have to pay for a full year. Then what you will get are just provisional results and in that case you must produce the certificate and official transcripts for the whole course for the institution you enrolled. So in that case iyo plan imekunywa maji

Kuja nikufunze. Guaranteed A+. Inbox mimi.

Labda upanulie lecturer, hiyo ni shortcut