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[SIZE=6]Betty Kyallo: I’m happy ex-husband Dennis Okari got engaged[/SIZE]

By RAJAB ZAWADIFebruary 14th, 2019 1 min read
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TV anchor Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari during their wedding. PHOTO | COURTESY

K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo is happy that her ex-husband, NTV Investigative Editor and News anchor Dennis Okari has moved on after their bitter divorce.
A video surfaced online recently showing Okari proposing to his new girlfriend Naomi Joy at a city hotel in the company of family members and close friends.
On Wednesday, Betty held a question and answer session with her Instagram fans where she was asked about how she felt on her baby daddy’s engagement.
Betty said she was glad to see Okari has found happiness after their divorce.
[INDENT]“No pain whatsoever, happy for him. Wish him the best. And to everyone else who’s gone or going through the same thing, you’re human, life happens, move on and find your happiness. I’m happier” Betty responded.[/INDENT]
Betty was married to Okari in a short lived marriage that ended bitterly in 2016. The two had one daughter.

Betty Currently…

Umbwa ii si umeffi ingine upost kwingine kama kilimani mums ama family whatsapp group wagudue with sadness the fagget ur are

Hadi nimepiga foleni nangoja kuchuna tuslices nikiendaga

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ukiwa na vaseline mkononi?


Salmia Palmella B. Kyallo


Tafuta kazi mnene, wachana na mambo ya umama ya mamboch.

Ata baki singo matha… form itakua relationship after relationship but no marriage for her…

na kwani ulikuwa unataka betty kyalo juu unashinda ukipost story zake?

Betty Kyalo has her own reasons why she dumped Okari. She’s happy and quite okay. This is where we say, “only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.”

I don’t know about okari, but men who marry so soon after a bitter divorce, marry sooner after another bitter divorce…