Anal sex

Hahaha anataka bibi akuwe anacheza mafree tu. Hakuna constipation tena.

Huwes kamua pipi kwa mkia

Mkia ni shida tupu, back in 2015 kuna kunguru nilikamua mkia kama nimelewa, weuh, yaani kutua josto iko na mavi kila mahali. In the morning felt like kutupa beddings zote hata kitanda.

Which desires? Kufunguliwo boot? Women derive no pleasure from anal n oral sex they just do it4men.

I was the first to say it, word has gone round that if you’re looking for gay sex look no further than Ktalk. Be very careful bcz wengine hata wako na pink handles they’ll ask u for a meetup alafu ull become gangbanged kwa haga

Are you gay? I’ve been suspecting u4sumtym now.

Makena siezi mind kukuingia SIM 1 and SIM 2 . Like for real. lets meet up :wink:

I was asking in general. Its like the wives people marry here do not have fantasies whatsoever! Analala tu hapo


They lead a very boring sex life that’s my conclusion. To them a wife is only for procreational purposes.

Am compiling the list of gay people in this place. Nitaangusha hiyo dossier soon coz hii imekuwa Gomorrah sasa! Ni sulphur imebaki ianguke n Lot wife turning into salt.

Be my guest. But am just wondering if discussion in this village have to conform to your ratings. @admin aren’t we in this forum to air our issues without being profiled??

There aren’t many things that God considers abominations, that however is one of them.

Wachana Na sewer pipe Mr.