Anakula mom & daughter. Chaos breaks out

"A university student on Thursday threw tantrums after finding her mother in her boyfriend’s house.
The woman left school for her boyfriend’s place to pay him a visit only to find her mother in the house.
A neighbour identified as Saada Hassan heard the woman asking her mother what she was doing at her boyfriend’s house.

“The mother came out and pulled her inside the house to contain the situation and locked the door from the inside. We could hear that there was some commotion with the mother trying to explain herself in low tones,” Hassan told NTV.

According to a neighbour, they heard screams for a while then the house became silent.
This was when the mother left in a hurry and two women entered the house.

“Because the house was quiet for a moment, then the two girls joined, and shortly after she was up screaming and cursing again turning the house upside down and looking for her mother, she was swearing she would kill her,” Mildred Kweche a neighbour said.
The woman was heard narrating how she introduced her boyfriend to her mother in 2022."


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