An Outstanding Dress Code Works Wonders

I was never careful with my dress code until the year 2022. Back then, I was living in the village and I always used to be broke because I had no job apart from the online article writing gigs that I used to get once in a while to sustain myself.

Being there, I had nice clothes (official wear), but I never used to wear them because I did not have any important place to go to with them. So, most of the times I only used to wear old clothes.

In early 2022, I started getting frequent online gigs and I started taking it as a job. So, every morning I would wear nice clothes (official wear), and go to the small room that I had rented in our nearby township, which I was using as my office.

Since I used to get good money, I decided to update my wardrobe by buying new clothes and shoes. Little did I know that a big blessing was waiting for me ahead.

There is also a certain lady that I was hunting and she is part of why I was dressing nicely, though I never bagged her. Aliponyoka.

Come, August, 2022, a big blessing relocated me to Nairobi, and since I had bought nice official wear and shoes, I always dress very sharply whether I am in a suit or not. I love clothes and an outstanding look.

Now, before I came to Nairobi, I never thought that there is anybody who would ever notice me here, but surprisingly, I always get noticed and gazed at by almost everybody. Some even kind of get scared when I bump into their offices.

I also captivate many women of all ages beginning from young girls to old women, though we don’t fall in love. In fact, I ignore very many of them. Otherwise, I would have a very long line of women that I fuck.

Casual wear is NEVER smart and elegant, but official wear is the KING OF GREAT & OUTSTANDING LOOKS. This dress code will hunt women for you without you saying a single word.

I draw my inspiration from the Sapeurs of Congo and from a British Journalist called Brian Rose.


@TrumanCapote kwani you forgot to switch handles?


Uliambiwa hapa you are just as stupid as you look nani ukweli …casual wear is being recognized and accepted in big companies majuu
Lakini bonobo kama wewe unajiona sana na iyo suti yako second hand ya gikomba


Haikosi unataka kuuza hama masuti na unaigopa kusema


Wewe unaishi hiyo majuu unasema hapa? Meza wembe if you can’t afford nice clothes.

@Integrity ana base ya ma attires. A pin location watu wang’are

Suits and ties are just an indication of a slave working in an office. Nikikuona in a suit I just see targets umepewa kazini, and corporate nonsense that you have to deal with on a daily basis.

To be honest, nikikuona in a suit ni huruma tu me kuonea.


Ukipanda kapondie ndiasa you have to wear a military grade condom. Sasa ona umeambukizwa wazimu.