An opportunity to employ yourself

These days employers will make you work for them almost a whole day and the money you get at the end of the month is never enough. But a self employed person can do his job at whatever time he/she wants and still get his payment whenever he/she wants.
So i have something to teach the ladies today.
The fabric softener we use to rinse our clothes with, the likes of sta soft, downy, cuddles. This product does not require a factory to manufacture, all you need is the right chemicals to make your product. It could save you some purchasing cost and also you can sell it to the nursing mothers, they are the highest consumers of fabric softeners, so if you feel you want to learn about the production, talk to me and i will teach you.

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Tell us something new

Not this bullshit

I quit a well paying job because of my old man wise words… “ugatura uthukumaire arume nginya rii” - for how long will you work and make money for other men- i cant regret that huge gambling step i took.


Put it here.

Did u just jump head on or took lots of prep,and whats the experience? patia kijiji hekaya


Kwani nyinyi, while being ‘employees’ mlikua mmefungwa mikono na miguu to a point you only do the employer’s work? Do you guys notice how politicians work hard to retain their posts? You might say politics pays kabisa, but that’s because they maximize the influence they have. Unless you’re working for a muhindi, you can multitask vizuri sana

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Ile maneno ya hot lesbians ilienda aje…

Raila will create 10m jobs

Everything about you is black. Sad life.

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Save for his credit card

I drive a millions’ car… you just a minion

and you talk about a sad life

Leta hekaya myamaa ya Gatharaini…

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Put information into action and later on when you are reaping your fruits is when you will realise you did something good for yourself. For those willing to learn, I will leave my contact here. I will teach you everything
0729989492 Frank

For those who want to know the chemical composition, quaternery ammonium cations are mixed with siloxanes and there is a procedure to follow, the chemicals should not scare you its quite simple

hivi ndivyo watu huibiwa. after iphone’s success did you see Steve Jobs teaching others how to make smartphones?


This is just an idea that can help you earn an extra coin if you feel like am lying to you just ignore the post. If you feel like you want to try hakuna mtu anakukazia its a free country. All the best

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[li]Combine baking soda and hot water. Stir 1 cup (250 ml) baking soda into 2 cups (500 ml) hot water until well combined. …[/li][li]Slowly add the vinegar. …[/li][li]Scent the fabric softener, if desired. …[/li][li]Pour 1/4 cup (60 ml) into your washing machine during the rinse cycle. …[/li][li]Run the rinse cycle as usual.[/li][/ol]
Combine vinegar, hair conditioner, and hot water. In a large bucket or other container, stir together 3 cups (750 ml) white distilled vinegar, 2 cups (500 ml) hair conditioner, and 6 cups (1500 ml) hot water until evenly combined.
[li]You can use any hair conditioner you want for this method. To make it more cost effective, choose a cheap brand.[/li][li]Since there are many varieties and scents of conditioner available on the market, your scent options are nearly endless[/li][/ul]

miaka tatu ktalk na still u aint growing up

miaka 59 na bado haujaoa