An object in possesion rarely retains the charm it had in pursuit

Ask JAY-Z, he got bored and started chasing becky .


Variety is the spice of life. Lazima diet iwe balanced.

kwani all date “models”?

“the only thing better than pussy is NEW pussy and All women look average after ejaculation” - Mhenga @Ka-Buda 2018

If the punani is the only thing a lady has to offer you will get bored. However, if she is capable of having meaningful conversation and makes you laugh, even when the sex isn’t good utavumilia.

Too true. It takes more than looks and good sex to make an emotional connection with a woman.
Intelligence, respect, ambition, and character are the biggest turn ons if you’re going to be in a long term relationship.
Sex is just the icing on the cake.
There’s no point sucking my balls and letting me Jizz on your face if you can’t cook and clean!
Kweri ama rogo!!!

Very true but I don’t agree to the idea that a man looks for a woman who will challenge him, instade a man looks for a woman who is kind and caring. Akili ni secondary.


Hii cooking and cleaning hukusumbua sana especially when it comes to women. What happened in your earlier life with a wife/girlfriend ?

Monogamy is not natural, it was brought to us by Christianity and we were made to fill bad or guilty because of our natural desires.
Sisemi umange kila kitu but don’t hung ur self because u busted a nut huko nje.

Men are not monogamous by nature. Na hata hii wasungu na christian sheria zao ni upuss tupu.
Lemme quote something someone said
" The European condemns the African for having two wives yet he keeps two mistresses".

ata musungu?

pique mauzo vile anakuwanga fala aliangukia shakira aje