An interesting case of mistaken identity

So two weeks ago I had the pleasure of tasting coffee liquer for the first time in my life. I liked it a lot since I also love coffee especially the expressos and capuccinos. I just had two shots of the drink and swore I will get the whole damn bottle when I have some cash on me. The brand of coffee liquer I took that day was a rare one so i made thread about my experience here on Ktalk.

Kumbe coffee liquers have been around ni mimi sikujua. @old monk adviced me there is cheaper coffee liquer by the name of Kahlua @mukuna pointed me to another brand called Sheridan’s. @vuja de also recommended some concoction that I highly suspect is not legal. Anyway, I walked into some supermarket and found the Kahlua at the price @old monk had mentioned and decided I would buy a bottle later and take home when I get some money.

Fast forward to yesterday. My buddy and I had gone to deliver some items some distance outside town. By the time we were getting back it was getting dark and we were hungry as fcuk. The moment we got to town we hopped into some club and had some nyama. It was kindu 7-8 so we decided to watch the first half of the Hungary game as we down some beers. We moved from our table to sit at the counter close to the TV. As we were deciding what to take, a bottle at the corner of the bar display caught my eye. It is the kahlua that I had planned to buy. So I told my buddy about it and he had not had about coffee liquer either, I decided to buy the thing.

Being a club, the price of the whole bottle is much much higher so the safest option was to take shots of the drink. So I order doubles for each of us. When the drink was served I realised that I was not getting that coffee aroma that is characteristic of these kind of drinks. I told myself since it is the cheapest of these liqueurs I had to lower my expectations. My colleague took the first sip and by his facial expression, that s#!t was bitter. It is not supposed to be bitter so I took my sip and truly it tasted like a concoction of some wild herbs. There was no faint taste of coffee anywhere and I was like what the hell did @old monk recommend.

Our disgust must have been noticeable because the barman asked whether we’d like to mix it with some lime juice to which I agreed. It tasted much better with lime juice but I was still concerned about the missing coffee. My colleague was excited about the drink because he bought two more shots. It was understandable since he doesn’t take beer and likes the vodkas and whiskys unlike me. By the time I was taking the fourth shot I was high as a kite and I couldn’t even tell which colour of kit Hungary was wearing. Suddenly the music sounded so good and all the women were so beautiful. It was time to go though since the following day (today) is a work day.

My colleague tells me he enjoyed the drink and would purchase the whole bottle when gets money so he asks the barman for the bottle to take a photo. That is when I saw it. Damn! This wasn’t Kahlua this was some s#!t called Myers’s rum. I just had 5 shots of Jamaican Rum packing 40% alcohol. No wonder I was this tipsy. What the hell?! Anyway I slept like a baby but today woke up feeling Malarial. I ask ed my colleague to send me the pics and I could see my confusion. Turns out the label of Kahlua distantly resembles that of Myers’s rum as you can see in the pics. Since the rum bottle was at the very top I just assumed it was Kahlua.

[SIZE=6]What I took [/SIZE]

[B][U][SIZE=6]What I intended to take [/SIZE][/U][/B]


fole, but the branding labels are totally different


Ooooh noooo!..again hehehehe!

tafuta hii uniuzie hyo chupa tu


Try Amarula. Made in SA same stuff as Khalua.

Is Amarula a coffee liquer???

Duuuuude!!! Next time ask the barman apana nyamasa

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That is just liquer no cofee halafu it is 17% alcohol but haileweshi and it is expensive AF

nimeachia hapo tu kwa hii novel yako

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How did the Kahlua taste? Na ilikulewesha?

So far I have not tasted it

Labda baileys

Those two labels are different and distinct unless it’s one of those dark pubs like Aston Villa.


It was a bit dark to be a honest. Hii aston villa iko wapi?

How did you order it? “Nipatie ile pale?”

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Yap. I asked for the price of the bottle first and then the price per tot

Dont waste your time


If you are interested in the differences:
Amarula is made from the SA Marula fruit and cream.
Baileys: The original is made from Irish whiskey and cream.
A liqueur coffee is a coffee drink with a shot of liqueur. It may be served in a special liqueur coffee glass, often with cream and sugar. Liqueur coffee are all variants on what is widely known as Irish coffee, hot coffee with whiskey and a layer of cream (not whipped) floated on top. You can use all kinds of liqueurs such as Irish or Scottish whiskeys, brandy, cognac, armagnac, rum, gin vodka, etc.


Kenya Gold…though it disappeared from the market was my drink back then