An important map to make you understand the current WASP meltdown/ yellow peril


Mkubwa yaani umeng’oa thread yangu na ukaiba content? Kweli this website is dead.

I always suspected wewe ni Old Monk.

Go hung :D:D:D

Strangle the crackers

Go go Chinaman

If South Africa collapses mchina will rape diamonds za DeBeers.

90 % that trade is in dollars and goes through New York. The snake is still very powerful but not for long.

Not much longer… China just launched the digital Yuan.

Unajua hata unashindwa what their claim to fame is. The last time I used any consumer product from USA or UK or Belgium sikumbuki

That graph did not include software and services which bring tons of money for the US and are up higher in the value chain.

You use American dominated internet daily.Unatengenezea uncle Sam pesa sana.

[SIZE=7]so the future is ditigal yuan ?[/SIZE]