An ignorant question about wrestlers and boxing

So after this much hyped fight and looking at the relatively small body sizes of the two contenders’, I am wondering: why don’t these big wrestlers(the likes of John Cena) switch to boxing which is more lucrative?

I plead my ignorance.

do you know why mohamed ali is the way he is today??how many wrestlers get brain damage??very few while most are richer than your average boxer

Thought the great Karl is more knowleageable that the average villager. Those two fighters are in the welterweight category thus their lean bodies, the heavyweight division is dominated by the Klitsko brothers

What are you talking about? Mohamed Ali is suffering form a degenerative disease. The fact that he is a boxer is pure coincidence! And what measure are you using to say that wrestlers are richer than the average boxer?..further more, you havent answered his question.

I think the answer lies in talent. Remember wrestling is an act. Its just a bunch of pumped guys doing some “good” choreography. Boxers train for this day in, day out and a lot of it is some natural talent, hence why not anyone can pick it up. You need to be able to take a punch, quick reflexes and strategy go hand in hand.

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“A lot of people are afraid of boxing
because boxing is not a game. You
can play any other sport you want to
play, but you cannot ‘play’ boxing. This hurts. You got to be
fearless.” Thomas Hearns former champion


Kick boxing is the real deal, it is bare knuckles, people die in the ring.

google john cena’s net worth or the rock before he went full hollywood or why broke lesna renewed his contract with wwe instead of going back to ufc…the endorsement deals alone are worth millions

You cant use the superstars of WWE as a benchmark for comparing wealth with an average boxer. That would be look comparing Mayweather with some john doe of the WWE. You have to compare like for like.

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boxing for tacticians…wrestling is for fighters

wresting is acting, boxing is for real


Wrestling is scripted stuff…even the best wrestler akaingia boxing ataumia seriously kwa kichwa…boxing sio mchezo.

First, Parkinsons has never been linked to concussions caused in sport. 2nd wrestlers also get brain damage from concussion injuries, read about Chris Benoit. Then boxing superstars earn way more than wrestling superstars

i see people claiming to be bad asses and i just shake my head …I saw a documentary about a certain west african country where people meet and engage in boxing ( bare knuckles ) and if you chicken out your considered a coward and cant even be given a hearing by the ladies its like a right of passage for the men…

Chris Benoit was just a psycho who used too much roids and finally lost his shit

Also the Zulu stick fighting rite of passage is brutal. I guess that’s why SA natives are very violent in nature.

WWE actors hardly transition to boxing…IMO boxing-though a tactical sport- is overrated especially the welterweight category. Brock Lesnar transitioned from WWE to UFC which is basically MMA and was largely successful. UFC is way dangerous than boxing, people actually die from the sport.

Have u ever died for example…

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Wewe. The rock and cena combined are not worth mayweather’s purse for that fight. Never mind its a 30 minute thing. Actors arent rich and most of them are below $100m.

I think its senegal. The fights are horror and deadly. Some are on youtube.