An Arab fence


Very expensive.

Am telling you money can do wonders

ndio uku wanadinyiaga n murder black house helps… cursed mansions ghasser :mad::mad::mad:

Green mamba ikiingia hapo hakuna kuonekana tena

As an arab myself, should i be guilty of what other rich fwacking arabs do my to african kenyan sisters and brothers who would travel to them countries to look for that bread alafu upate mateso. Walahi really am sorry for them lads lakini i believe Mungu yuko na malipo ni hapa duniani na kesho d-day.

last i checked broke Arabs dont count

Afazari nikue broke kuliko rich nisiwe na kiburi.

Fake don’t count too… born of a slave na anajiita Arab hapa

Duuh :eek:

You’re borana

Jitete @ Bingwa Scrotum.

I don’t answer to my slaves

Are we not slaves /servants to our Almighty God.

Fossil fuels are about to become very very cheap due to low demand brought about by disruptive technologies…
Arabs will revert to default settings…
Exceptions will be the Emirates.

Arabs dont drive tiny cars. Thats Netherlands chief .
Het Loo palace[ATTACH=full]381939[/ATTACH]

so you are teaching me something that i use and see in my everyday life here in Yemen.

wewe you say you are an arab, which place is your ancestral home in Yemen ? have you been to this place ?

Wachana na hiyo ghasia. Tunajua ni baruhya ya hapa Busia

sawa ndugu. asubuhi njema kwako.