Ampex subwoofer dead

How do i know which part is dead…there were power fluctuations, replaced the fuse, it worked…power fluctuations again, replaced fuse…dead for a week, worked…power fluctuations again, replaced fuse…tried 5 of them, still dead 3 weeks and counting…no capacitor is blown[ATTACH=full]55288[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]55289[/ATTACH]

Hio kitu inakaa fake hivi hivi

Its exactly the same model but this is a pic from the net

Kitu ya 35USD ndo unatusumbulia?


Next time nunua vitu ziko na warranty ya above 1yr, sio 2 weeks:p

Yap…but ikifika kenya ni US$49 (if imported) and given our economic standards ii ni rent ya bedsitter mzima. :D:D:D

warranty yao only covered the period 1st jan 2015 to 31 dec 2015 as the sticker on it explains…i bought in july this year

Huku majuu hii kitu Hata ni 27usd hata

Ati? Warranty inatumika kama bado haijanunuliwa, hehe:eek:


:D:D:D:D…provide a solution then

Yeah its in small print at the back …waizi tu…n our fckin govt allows these things to get thru the port

Iki dead wiki la kwanza, basi wiki la tatu si ita deeded Mara tatu??


Maybe ni counterfeit ampex coz i remember nikianza life campus many yrs back my ampex served me well bila shida, it was this type


i think is fake…but nkisearch net naona they have a problem generally


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Ampex wachia watoto wa Campus. Save and get a decent system na kitu 15k LG or Sony

Or better yet get a used good hometheatre olx

Wacha watu wa av receiver wakupate anza kujiita meffi


:D:D:D hii nakumbuka vizuri sana. Alafu mûshaina akaleta the small part with fm receiver na USB port at only 400 inachimbiwa shimo hapo juu. Mpango mzima


Hehe … dint know hata Garissa siku hizi ni majuu