Amount of money 'stingy' Raila gave students who hijacked his visit on Friday

Raila Odinga when he landed in Menyenya Primary. [Photo/Nyamai]
Students attached to Menyenya Primary caused a stir oon Friday when they burst in songs and dances upon Raila Odinga’s landing.
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The former Prime Minister had landed to attend Ndemo Nyagarama’s funeral, a son to Nyamira governor John Nyagarama.
With security details directing Mr. Odinga to a waiting vehicle, his attention was however drawn to enthusiastic students changing his nickname ‘Baba’.
And within seconds, Raila was forced to address the students in the impromptu stopover.
During his address, Raila encouraged students to work hard in class besides respecting their parents and teachers.
Before leaving, contrary to his norms, Raila dished Sh50,000 for ‘soda’ following the unique reception.
Local leaders led by ODM treasurer Timothy Bosire, Sam Ongeri, Deputy Governor Amos Nyaribo and visiting MP Junet Mohammed topped up with another Sh50,000.

Thats 50,000 more than you would have gave them.


Hii handout culture itaita lini? And you seem to support it which is sad.

I can see Raila has decided to dish out hand cheque money. Good for him

raila ana pesa siku hizi

politicians would give 10,000 or 20,000 bob to us in high school …during election campaigns , i was told UHURUTO na jubilee yote would contribute 100 , 000 bob only… [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]your anti-RAILA smear campaign failed :meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

.ksh 50,000 si mbaya , RAILA AMEJARIBU HAPO !

Raila ni Burukenge

Just a pat in the back for the young ‘psychophants’ nothing wrong with that. Ama namna gani my fren


Baba once made an impromptu landing in our highschool back in the day. Gave out 200k students wakunywe soda but you just know Kenyans, all we got was 3pieces of meat, bitter sukuma na ugali inatoa unga alafu sijui na kasystem ka enta.

Deemn our silly politicians, they can never win. If he/she shares some of our loot with us, mnacomplain. If he/she speeds off mnacomplain pia. What do you really want? Na kwani the young kids were not inside the school compound ama in class?:mad:Yaaaaawa yaaawa…

2022 will be v messy going by the look of things.

Keep on dreaming