Amina Abdi Rabar

I thought Muslim women can’t be married to Christian men unless the men convert… How did John Rabar get away with marrying a Muslim woman without converting? Even Gideon Moi has a Muslim wife but he didn’t convert.

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your statement is contradictory

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Rabar is a muslim



Boss,if you are not a muslim you can not marry one if you do not convert.

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Zidane’s wife is christian

Fair enough. What about Gideon Moi?

Gideon Moi?

I also hear a muslim man can marry a christian women provided she is ‘a person from the book’ i.e. strictly follows the old testament,but for a man to marry a muslim woman he must convert,Lakini wife wa Steve Mbogo ni kitu,sometimes i think these people don’t care about the religion they just convert for the sake of it

Apparently it is ok for muslim men to marry a woman of different religion and the woman doesn’t necessarily have to convert to Islam.,…but Muslim woman to get married to a Christian the man has to convert


I disagree. I have seen a couple lady friends convert to islam before making it official with muslim guys

kama uko na PESA the rest don’t matter.

unadhani mtoi wa Bill Gates akikujia Mtoto wa @mayekeke ati @mayekeke na shiny eyes zake atakataa?


Thats it mapenzi na pesa hufanya watu wasahau hii mambo ingine yote ya religion.

religion is bullshiet


#teamJesus unto the death.


pesa kwanza. Standards baadae

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George & Amal Clooney.

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It is as mentioned, a Muslim woman cannot be married to a non Muslim man, but a Muslim man can marry a Jew or a Christian, although there’s more detail to it…
It is what it is…


Islamically if the man is not muslim the marriage is invalid.