Ameru confirm this

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I found this information somewhere and was wondering whether this exists in the Ameru folklore. Merians (@Kasighau atanyonga mtu leo for using this), Aarume and Mwaris , ijeni mumbire mantu ugoro wa umuthi. Nlikua nashindwa mbona wasee wa coast hupenda wameru design flani. It couldn’t be just because Ameru huwasort Alele na Kolombo, the love is too much.

Not true

KOOME NJUE must be angry and feeling like boarding the chariot he used to leave the earth to come back here and teach people a lesson.
Miiru people fought the arab of the meroe kingdom, trashed him, left the desert, and went in search of arable land. KOOME NJUE was a great mugo and a prophet. remember he had dried up the gulf of eden so that his great people would carry out an expedition in Eurasia. But his people have never settled in Eurasia. Whats “Njuuni”?? Meru have a Central Commitee called Njuri Ncheke. There are junior Njuri for clans and subtribes. On arriving at Nyambene hills, they displaced the Kikuyu to their present day land where the kikuyu displaced the “Nturubu/Ndorobo”. Ndorobo retreated to mau and became assimilated nilotes while others ran southwards. We dont know whether they ever met their south African siblings on their tactical retreat southwards.

History taught in Africa and Kenya in particular is pure white man’s BS. Southerly migration of the Bantu people is more realistic than out if the Kongo BS fed to us in schools.

Ndorobo have South African siblings?

African culture and history is not very well studied( compared to European, Asian and American). Whichever white man gave us that history from Congo was using the little information he had at the time.

yeah man. those small bush people there.

There’s a group of tribes that tend to have some similarities distributed southwards, including hao Dorobo, Hadza of Tanzania, The San of SA and Botswana…

The white man had lots of information but decided to whitewash it for his own selfish reasons. Do you think Ham the “father” of black people teleported to the Kongo from the middle east?

We didnt come from middle east. we have been here as the original humans.

My grandfather told me that the Dorobo were pygmies that spoke with clicking sounds, the Maasai had a brief encounter with them when the Maasai first landed in Nyeri, they disappeared heading south…

interesting. the click part is the only thing that I was missing in their similarities to the Hadza and Sandawe of Tanzania, and the Khoisan. Otherwise, all these dudes (including dorobos) are hunter gatherers with similar body types that have adapted to similar lifestyles. So if they did speak with clicks, then they must have split up by the southward Bantu Migrations and Nilotic incursions.