Amerika should neva tell anyone about democracy again

. Tukubali hiyo upuzi iishe kila mtu ajishindie chake na nguvu zake. Democracy was alway a big fat lie. Rule of the capable and willing should be the next step


One thing that the regime that took over in 2016 has to be credited for …is showing the world how corrupt and evil the political washington/hollywood cabal have been. All this while being shielded by the media that is supposed to be the people’s whistleblowers. It now makes sense how some unsellable candidates have been ending up in office and remaining there…rigging, cash for ballots, etc. Heck, the media made the world believe that Obama’s administration was the most scandal free admin of all time, with the only controversy being the tan-suit he wore. Only after 2016 did we discover it is arguably the most corrupt admin in US history. Minnesota was recently exposed where Somalis have been engaging in cash for votes, and that explained how Ilhan Omar got into power…replicate that across the country and you can see why dimwits and incoherents like Pelosi and AOC can be ‘elected’.
America is great but it was heading to the abyss until the Teflon took over. Now we know about Biden trading his office for cash around the world and his junkie son even having pedo tendencies (the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree)…
6 days to go!

Swallow your pill of adrenochrome and sleep.