Americans who helped former Nissan CEO escape from Japan jailed

Americans sentenced to prison for helping Carlos Ghosn flee Japan
Story by Reuters

TokyoA Tokyo court on Monday sentenced United States Army Special Forces veteran Michael Taylor to two years in prison and his son to one year and eight months for helping former Nissan Motor Company chairman Carlos Ghosn flee Japan, where he had faced charges of financial misconduct.

Michael Taylor and his son Peter pleaded guilty and apologized to the court last month, saying they regretted their role in smuggling Ghosn out of Japan hidden in a box aboard a private jet from Japan’s Kansai airport.
Ghosn remains a fugitive in his childhood home of Lebanon, which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Japan.

naskia Japan prosecution Office yao success rate ni 96% , ukishikwa ni sure bet uko kamiti

99%. Judges can be penalized if they issue otherwise rulings there.

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