Americans Walishindwa Vita Na Rice Peasants Wa Vietnam, Russians Ndio Watashidana Nao?

By the late 1960s Americans back home were in full mode demos demanding an end to the bloody Vietnam war. Too many of their boys were missing.

Was a very Windy Day on the moon it seems despite lack of atmosphere :D:D


To cover up their shame they faked Moon Landings to divert attention from their unfathomable loses.


Fast forward to 2022 and now the same clowns are daring Russia into war. Fvcking with Russia is akin to converting Western Europe into a radioactive cesspit. Waaachane na mzito Putin, instead they should go fabricate their usual lies and say that DRC has nukes and invade DRC that is the type of opponent The United Snakes is capable of winning a war against.

Not that I am endorsing the Yankees, but pia PLA walitolewa mbio sana na wana Vietcong :D:D:D. Those little murderous shits were very lethal. Sikuizi all they can do is become ladyboys and shiets

But you like Obama and Biden.

With the infiltration of fagg0ts in the US military I doubt they would even beat Gabon without using nukes.


The Cuban crisis showed that they didn’t want Russia at their doorstep but they come up with some bullshit to want to put Nato’s missiles at Ukraine.

Vietnam walishinda kiaje and yet they never faced the true American muscle. One nuke and that’s that. Ni deal zilifanywa chini ya maji. Let Vietnam go and gain China instead. China purchased Vietnam’s victory. Win win.


Vietnam is just an extension of China. China can’t allow democracy there.


In the first indo china war China stood with Vietnam against the French colonialist. The war was fought from the end if WW2 1946 to 1955.

Vietnam was split in two.

The second war from 1955 to 1975 was the one to unite vietnam.

China and Russia stood with Vietnam against the U.S and a few allies.

China vs America. It didn’t end it continued into the 3rd war.

The 3rd war was between China and Russia in Vietnam and Cambodia.

This time round China and U.S were on the Cambodian side whereas Russia stood with Vietnam.

This was the divorce war between China and Russia. It was fought in 1979. It was very brief but extremely bloody.

China and Russia both declared victory and went their separate ways. Vietnam colonized Cambodia for a decade.

After losing China, Russia then invaded Afghanistan in December of 79.

China and the U.S again fought against the USSR.

The USSR was defeated and collapsed never to recover. In all fairness Russia was defeated by the U.S, China, Pakistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghan Mujahideen etc.

America ni kama ule mama mnafik kwa ploti,mdomo mingi but hakuna nguvu. Labda russia watupe nuke ndo waweze kushinda those rat eaters…like their american counterparts

You do know cuba was a false flag.
[ATTACH=full]417920[/ATTACH]US messing with communist cuba is akin to fcuking a big man’s side piece,russia would have been pissed

You consume too much American propaganda.

Vietnam has done amazingly great for itself in terms of development. Same Americans are now rushing to buy property and move there because of high quality of life.

You fellows behave as if China and Russia dont exist in this narrative. As if America was fighting Vietnam…

But who is this who is arming the Vietcong guerrillas?

Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia or rather IndoChina are just pawns.

The real countries that were at war were China, The Russians and the Americans over who will control the Indochina colonies that had just attained independence via the gun after WW2.

The end was determined by the super powers via phone calls.

Putin himself wants the war to be fought in Ukraine and not in Russia. So how is he any better?

He won’t even use his own troops he will hire mercenaries based in Ukraine.

Bruh??? Can’t you put your American hate aside for once and take jokes ffs. I was being SARCASTIC!!! Hakuna pahali nimesema Thailand are not developed. LITERALLY NOWHERE!!! Please please please, idk what you intend to achieve by hating on America (which is zero sum anyway because you have ZERO impact) but sometimes read the room. Sio kila saa unataka kuonyesha akina @patco that you know how to hate America. We live here and we even hate it more than you but we find joy in it anyway.

I love ameruka!!!
Gotta tow the line or ICE will have a field day wit ya!! ama.?
Depoteshen is not joke.nakuelewa lakini kutype ujinga na uko huko ni noma

Ebu uliza @patco vile ICE wanakuwanga rada:D:D:D. Those mfs wanaeza kutoa ukiwa juu wakuweke ndani ya KQ direct. Hata hawaezi kupea time ya kujipanguza c*m:D

Chief bonobo ume sahau they were beaten by skinny malnourished somalis pale moktishu.

:D:D:D:D:D kidogokidogo tu hivi Lyndon B. Johnson angerusha atomic bomb hapo vietnam , kesi baadae

Hio ndo tactic yao,wakishindwa the bomb the fcuk out of everything, thats why everyone is bladi scared of those mofos. Hand to hand hawawezani . Ingekuwa kila nchi iko na nuclear capabilities,america would be but a fart in a tornado

America will never use atomic boom ever again.

Cheki with your nearest congress person so I hear.

But its better to stock pile them just incase no?