American security intelligence

Why is it that most time when uncle sam issues a travel advisory to Kenya over an eminent attack from Alshabaab, the attack happens within days or a week? Just the other day they had warned of a terror attack in Kenyan airspace then today we hear three people have been killed after Alshabaab hijacked a Mombasa Raha bus!

I knew it would happen anytime soon after that warning. These guys have superb intelligence.

Sisi tuko very corrupt ama shida ni gani

Mombasa raha :smiley:

Our NIS mboys spend more time spying on opposition politicians and can sell intel info to anybody with good mbeca…

Wakati wote mkenya hana maoni yake, ama hana jibu kwa swala nyeti, wakati huo mkenya wa kawaida hutumia jina “corruption” ili ajieleze akiwa na matarajio ataeleweka.
Employing the word corruption, a generic term which does not explain much is now but getting stale.
Chances are, you prolly in the same position you were in back in 08 but you don’t have answers on how to go about a recovery of measures on mending these compelling issues, thus it’s so easy to opt for “the known value”.

But could you tell me the full functions of a govenor?

What if they sound the alarm then instigate the attacks to be seen to be right?

Americans have invested heavily in intelligence surveillance including using spy satellites.
Even the mighty Putin was the other day thanking the US for warning Russians of an impending terrorist attack on Moscow during the festive season.

They invest in intelligence. And demand results. Not like us who spend time chasing Senior Government officials ( CSs &PSs ) from one event to another calling them Mheshimiwa, mkubwa. Meanwhile we are being slaughtered in the backstreets.

Pewa mbili … Unafikiria kama chief mwenyewe

Those attacks take time and logistics to execute. It’s not like Al-Shaab just fart and decide to attack based on the strength of the stench. America tracks their movement and those of high priority suspects on their watch to predict their activities. They wouldn’t expose themselves unless they had to. And why would they need an excuse from Americans to conduct a attack? I don’t know much about their process but siamini kile unasema.

CIA ni moto wa kuotea mbali. Naskia huko coast kuna ma nigga wameintergrate wanaongea swa na ndio wanatumiwa kuinfiltrate terror groups such as Al Shabaab

Nikusikia tu mlipenda na kujua

Alshabaab threat inakuwanga kila siku, hata US kupeana hio Intel kuwa Alshabaab wanataka kuattack haisaidii vile because they don’t specify where and give the probable timeline. Kenya ni kubwa bwana, Alshabaab can hit anywhere, kama venye Dusit, Westgate, garissa university ilitupata na surprise. No country in this world is immune to terrorism because terrorist pia wako na akili kama mwindaji, sio wajinga

You are wrong, NIS is a very professional outfit

You should know Kenya vizuri mblo…

I bet hii yako ni hearsay, you don’t know what happens behind the scenes

What happens behind the scenes that make us vulnerable to endless attacks

Did you really get the gist of my comment?

American intelligence is so intact and productive, that’s why they have successfully overthrown governmens before