American ignorance

Witches on a rampage. Watch the video (Facebook).

“One of videos posted by Gonzales has since been taken down but was reposted on a number of other accounts, including a Facebook page under the name Naui Ocelot that has accumulated over 10,000 views.”

Hata kama vindio imetolewa… A brief explanation could have done.

This mofo keeps spewnig hate on America and Trump…were u deported?

Tell us more about Kenyan ignorance? Opening servers? Pokot raiders? Kidero’s team stealing 21 billion and nothing being done? Children with laptops studying under a tree? And many more

Click on ‘was reported’. It’s self explanatory.

I’ll leave that to your able self.

HEHE americans are really dumb

Yes. Very dumb

It happens alot here in Kenya too, some parents teach their children to hate Muslims.

And many Muslims teach their children to hate Christians.