American former Presidents, how are they remunerated

[SIZE=6]How Much Does the U.S. President Make for Retirement?[/SIZE]
by Robert Morello, Demand Media

U.S. presidents are well taken care of, even after the spotlight has dimmed.

There have been only 44 presidents of the United States since George Washington was elected the first in 1789. Today, upon retirement, each of these leaders receives a pension from the federal government along with Secret Service protection for himself and his family for life, and a host of other benefits. If you think the President’s perks end when leaving office, think again.

[SIZE=5]Pension Amounts[/SIZE]
Each former president receives the same salary as a current member of the Presidential Cabinet. For 2013, the amount was $199,700 per year. This number does not take into account the extras the former leader is entitled to including a $96,000 stipend for office staff payroll and free postage for life. The former president is granted a host of benefits that often add up to more than the pension payment itself. For example, ex-presidents are allowed office space and communications systems paid for by taxpayers.

[SIZE=5]Other Benefits[/SIZE]
Should the former president be survived by a spouse, she is granted a pension of $20,000 for life, as well as a free postage benefit. On top of all these pension payments and benefits come the expenses involved with the personal protection of each former president and his family. In total the amount spent on a former president can reach into the millions of dollars per year. For example, in 2012 former President George W. Bush cost taxpayers $1.2 million, while former President Bill Clinton received nearly $1 million in benefits and pay.

[SIZE=5]Personal Earnings[/SIZE]
In addition to earning a pension, the former president is free to publish memoirs, join corporate boards and give speeches for payment to audiences around the world. The potential earnings for such activities is nearly without limit. Former President Bill Clinton went on to earn over $65 million in speaking fees alone after his presidency and another $15 million for his published memoirs.

[SIZE=5]Before Pensions[/SIZE]
Ex-presidents did not earn pensions until 1958 when Congress put in place the Former Presidents Act, providing the benefits today’s leaders now receive. Before this Act was passed, ex-presidents were given nothing after leaving office, and the results were evident. For example, Thomas Jefferson sold his personal library to create the basis for the Library of Congress and James Monroe was destitute when he died.

FDR’s widow had to do adverts to earn some money after he died

Buda ume angalia zile benefits Moi and Kibaki got…we even built an office for kibaki costing millions na hata hatumiangi…sijui kama ile bill ya paying fmr Mps salary hadi wadedi ili pass…ile ya kupatiwa hadi state funeral…we doomed nigga. Sai MCA mind u huyu ni kama counciler b4 constitution ipitishwe is now like an MP…


Sadness. It is a noble thing to provide for their lives after office, but I think we Kenyans are overdoing it! Can you imagine how much money and resources will be spending on retired politicians after this parliament? And remember Kenyans hate elderly politicians and state officers with a passion!

Kenyans like recycling leaders…that is the cycle…no Q. Don’t be surprised seeing old politicians like Ali Mwakere, Nyachae, Ongeri, Ole Ntimama etc running for governor positions nxt year…and kenyans na ujinga yetu will elect them…and then u say kenyans hate old politicians…wake up nikka

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Jameni why bring this article here ?don’t you know these stupid mpigs will read it and go duplicate in the Kenyan Parliament . Please if possible delete this article . They will duplicate the same for their wives once they lose seats .this is a bad thought .woooi tumeisha


Furthermore, you’re referred to as “Mr President” for the rest of your life.

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We would rather have those fossils in office as long as it can take, that is if their work is good, rather than have hundreds of guys who will retire at the age of 50 and then they live on the taxpayers money for the rest of their lives! The older they are the sooner they will die, the lesser pension Kenyans will have to pay! Right now we have two retired president who gobble a whopping Kshs 50 million a year on their salaries alone! They’re still provided with highly paid staff, top of the range vehicles, security, etc! And their monies are not taxable! Imagine if they retired at the age at which Uhuru will retire!

Heads of state ni sawa getting taken care of even after their tenure in office,as for any other public office,kaa ukuchanga kwa nssf shauri yako.this should be the case.

How many retired presidents are there currently in the USA?