American drone landed in Kenya

A surverlliance drone lannds in Eldas wajir. What would you have done if you foud it or it landed in your home?

Old news my guy.

Drones are everywhere? Whats so special with one landing in some remote part of this country?

Gut it and take the batteries…

It looked like recreational aircraft. Military drones dont look like that.

that was not the question

Slevyn Kamande Wangari inaonekana umezoea wizi sana. Wizi wa kura. Wizi wa batteries.

You probably do not understand the meaning of military grade batteries… I don’t blame you

Slevyn Kamande Wangari wizi utaacha. Iwe ni wizi ya kura, ama wizi ya battery ya drone ama wizi ya battery za nduthi hapo kwenu Kamae.

shoga mkuu baba yako akishakutomba tunajua utapunguza nyege

Wacha kutumia lugha chafu hivyo Ango!

its used to monitor locust invasions